Draft West Sussex Partnership Families Strategic Plan

Closed 3 Nov 2015

Opened 9 Oct 2015

Results expected 31 Jan 2016


Welcome to the Draft West Sussex Partnership Families Strategic Plan 2020. This Draft Plan is our statement of shared ambitions for how we believe we can make a positive and significant difference to the life chances and experiences of children, young people and families in West Sussex.

We want to make sure every child growing up in West Sussex has the best possible start in life. We know how important a child’s experiences of growing up are, and how the home environment he or she lives in, and the family support he or she receives, has a huge influence on their experiences and prospects in later life. We believe that by supporting families to support their children and young people in these valuable years we can promote positive, long-term impacts on their future health, wellbeing and achievements and encourage them to thrive and prosper in adulthood

We strongly believe that everyone in West Sussex has a part to play, which is why the aspiration that all children, young people and families will thrive and prosper is at the heart of our Plan. If we all do what we can to ensure our children and young people are heard, involved and respected at home, at school, in their communities - wherever they are and whenever decisions affect them – it sends the right message about how important their welfare is to us and how important they are to our future.

How did we develop the Plan?

This Families Plan has been put together in partnership with families, young people, the children’s workforce, schools, district and borough councils, health services, the voluntary sector, the DWP, and all services delivering to families. We call this collection of people and organisations 'The Partnership'.

In developing the Families Plan we started with a simple question: What is good about being a child, or young person growing up in West Sussex? From there we thought about the things we can do to make the biggest positive difference to those who need our help the most and sustain wellbeing for those who are doing well. 

Going forward

We want this Partnership to continue and to grow.

We want to ensure that this Plan makes sense for children, young people and families. So we are committed to making sure that what we deliver makes sense to local communities. That means we will work together – services, schools and local communities – to identify resources and to shape how these activities are delivered. We will not duplicate activity.  In 2016 we will establish a number of local working groups to design and develop this local offer. We will make sure that this information is published on our web sites and made available through local newsletters.

We are facing some difficult choices in how we use our resources. We cannot make those decisions without making sure that the services we deliver meets local needs and supports our families to make positive changes themselves that will ultimately make them stronger and more resilient. 

The Plan will be in draft until we have analysed the feedback from the consultation and have presented it for approval in January 2016.

Why We Are Consulting

To establish an effective strategy and good-quality services that meets the needs of local children and young people and families.




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