We Asked, You Said, We Did

Below are some of the issues we have recently consulted on and their outcomes.

We Asked

We conducted an online resident survey from 3rd December 2018 to 11th January 2019, asking 11 questions to give a flavour of what our residents currently think about EVs and what they would like the charging infrastructure to look like across the county in the future.

You Said

Thank you to all of the people that completed the survey. We received 1339 responses in total.

Some of the highlights are:

  • 60% of you would like to own an electric car
  • 84% of you want to charge at home
  • 60% of you want to charge at destinations
  • Lack of public charging is preventing / discouraging 57% of you switching
  • Cost of EV cars is  preventing / discouraging 55% of you switching
  • 36% of you would be willing to pay more to charge on a public network than at home.

We Did

All the results received are being collated and reviewed, and we will use them to inform the next stage of the strategy development.

We are aiming to have a final strategy drafted for approval by November 2019. An additional public consultation on this strategy will take place before this time.

We Asked

Following the first round of consultation, we reviewed feedback and carried out additional work to improve and refine the proposed masterplan.

The second round of consultation sought feedback on the changes made and further comments and suggestions regarding the wider proposals for the Horsham Enterprise Park.

You Said

  • Most participants were happy with the overall vision for a mixed-use site.
  • The retention of Building No.3 and the avenue of cedar trees were broadly welcomed.
  • Attendees of the drop-in consultation event were pleased to see further detail on proposals for traffic improvements.
  • Many suggested further consideration needed to be given to wider traffic impacts.
  • There was a broad desire to see a generous proportion of affordable homes provided on the site.
  • Many participants expressed a desire to see a footbridge across the railway line to improve connections from the site to Horsham Town Centre.

We Did

Masterplan Element - Employment Space


There was a strong desire from participants for the site to be a space for businesses to scale up and grow.

WSCC Response

The project team has taken this on board and will ensure the site is promoted to attract innovative and modern businesses.

Masterplan Element - New Homes


There was a desire to see a generous proportion of affordable homes and homes for older people included on the site, and a feeling that 300 homes are too many for the site.

WSCC Response

WSCC are committed to ensuring a policy compliant proportion of 35% affordable homes are included within the residential development.

WSCC acknowledges the importance of providing purpose-built homes for older people, and this will be considered as part of future detailed planning application for the site.

The figure of up to 300 homes for the site is an outline figure, which could potentially be lower at detailed stage. WSCC will continue to take this into consideration.

Masterplan Element - Community Hub


Participants were keen for the community hub to be open and usable by the existing community as well as future residents and businesses.

WSCC Response

The project team have explored possibilities for additional uses on the site. This includes the possibility to provide space for a crèche or nursery to provide on-site child care.

Masterplan Element - Traffic and Transport


Concerns were expressed by many participants that surrounding traffic infrastructure would struggle to cope with the increased pressure from the development.

WSCC Response

The project team have carried out further work as part of a Transport Assessment, which considers the following:

  • Mitigation and contributions have been identified for two junctions in close proximity to the site.
  • A new shared use pedestrian/cycle path will be provided on Parsonage Road and continuous footways across the two site accesses to support sustainable journeys to and from the site. Moreover, movements by pedestrians and cyclists will be prioritised within the site.
  • Parking provision aiming to meet the relevant levels set out in WSCC’s Parking Supplementary Planning Document or future iterations of the Transport Assessment.
  • A mitigation approach, agreed by the Highway Authority, which includes junction improvements to be funded through the Community Infrastructure Levy, and cycling improvements.
  • Construction Traffic Management Plans, to be submitted at relevant detailed planning stages. At this stage, it is suggested that construction traffic should avoid routing via Wimblehurst Road.
  • Road safety audits of the two site accesses are proposed to be undertaken and secured by planning conditions.

Masterplan Element - Landscape and Open Space


The importance of the tree-lined avenue leading up to the retained Building No.3 was often raised in feedback.

WSCC Response

The latest masterplan proposes the addition of new trees to complete the missing section of this avenue. A further tree-lined avenue is proposed to the rear of the building in the employment area.

Key buildings have been relocated on the masterplan to enclose views and ensure a greater buffer between the site and Parsonage Road.

We Asked

During the first consultation round we asked for your views on the various aspects of the proposals for redevelopment, including the mix of housing, business space, community facilities and the local transport infrastructure. We also invited general reflections and comments on the illustrative masterplan.  

You Said

Thank you to all those who responded during the first consultation round, whether you attended a drop-in exhibition or shared your reflections through the online and postal survey.

We Did

All comments received during the first consultation round are being collated and reviewed, and we will use them to inform the next stage of the planning process and to update the proposed masterplan.

We are opening a second consultation round, to run 30th October to 16th November inclusive, during which we will be inviting comments on the revised plans. The revised plans will be displayed at a drop-in exhibition on 30th October, 12 noon to 8pm at The Holbrook Club, North Heath Lane, Horsham, RH12 5PJ (see event calendar for more information).

Visit the webpages for the second round of the consultation, to find out about the event and other ways to view the revised proposals, and to complete the online survey on the updated proposals from 30th October -16th November:



We Asked

For your feedback on the development of the Crawley Growth Programme’s  Eastern and Station gateway projects. Engagement was undertaken between May and July 2018 to inform the public and key stakeholders of the proposed improvements within these schemes. The events presented the early feasibility designs ahead of moving forward to preliminary design stage, in preparation of tendering for a Design and Build contractor to deliver the two schemes.

We asked for your feedback and an indication of whether there was support for the schemes.

You Said

You said:-

  • There is clear majority support for the proposals.
  • Sustainable transport improvements are key areas of interest and concern.
  • Accessibility and pedestrian friendly features are important
  • Green spaces/greenery should be protected and aspired to within the plans.
  • Crawley bus station needs improvement and better waiting facilities

We Did

The comments and feedback were considered by the design team and the design response is below.  The full report can be viewed via the link provided at the bottom fo the consultation page.

We Asked

For your comments on a four page document that outlined the County Council’s Vision, Principles and Values for Education in West Sussex.

The document proposed aims and objectives for School Organisation and School Improvement which the Education and Skills Directorate will focus on over the next four years. It suggested an approach to build sustainable capacity for school places and incorporated the policy to challenge and support schools to improve by targeting resources, broadening the services that are traded and enabling school-to-school support.

You Said

  • You broadly supported the Vision, Principles and Values.
  • You were concerned about what it might mean for smaller schools in rural parts of West Sussex and wanted more explanation and clarification about what this will mean in practice.
  • You told us how much you value the School Improvement Team, but had concerns about visits reducing or a model that relied on school-to-school support.


We Did

  1. Had additional discussions with School Leaders and Governors on the detail to respond to concerns raised during the consultation period.
  2. Considered all consultation responses and feedback and the final strategy and its implementation will; 
  • Refine our approach to focus on the sustainablity of schools in the rural localities.
  • Increase the minimum number of contacts fro the School Improvment Team to 'good' or 'outstanding' schools.
  • Develop school-to-school suport over time and in partnership. 

We Asked

We asked all the frontagers of Queens Road, Church Avenue, Gordon Road and Bridge Road about proposals to introduce speed cushions in Queens Road, a 20mph speed limit in all the roads and a 7.5 tonne weight restriction (except for access) in Queens Road between Mill Green Road and Bridge Road.

You Said

As a result of distributing around 450 letters and drawings and an online Have Your Say webpage we received 88 replies.

From those:

- Regarding the proposed speed cushions, 69 were in favour and 19 against;

- Regarding the 20mph speed limit, 75 were in favour and 13 were against;

- Regarding the 7.5 tonne weight restriction (except for access), 83 were in favour and 5 were against.

(1 paper was returned blank)


We Did

These responses indicate significant frontager support and as such we are proceeding to Statutory Public Consultation so that we may introduce these measures subject to receiving any further comments or objections from our statutory public consultees or the wider public. The process of Statutory Public Consultation is expected to happen over the next few months and any measures would be introduced in the coming financial year i.e. between April 2019 and March 2020.

We Asked

We asked for your feedback on the proposed objectives and priorities for the council’s new Bus Strategy and whether you thought there was anything else we should include.

You Said

There were 1,302 responses to the consultation, with over 80% agreement for each of the proposed objectives and an average of 87% agreement overall.

The following priorities were ranked as being the most important to you:

  1. Prioritise investment in good accessible bus infrastructure for bus users
  2. Give buses priority over other travel modes when congestion occurs
  3. Work with all tiers of Local Government in seeking funding for prioritised local bus and community transport services

Many of you also provided additional comments and feedback as to what else you would like to see included in the Bus Strategy.

You can see a summary of the results and findings here.

We Did

Your comments and feedback are currently being considered and taken into account for the new West Sussex Bus Strategy for 2018-2026, which will be published soon.

We Asked

Residents have shared their views on proposals to change West Sussex County Council’s Adults’ in-house social care services. The county council launched its Choices for the Future survey at the beginning of May to offer residents, staff, people who use the services and their families and carer’s the opportunity to have their say on the future model of services.


You Said

More than 450 people have completed the survey with 92% of those who took part supporting the principles of the service proposals. 46% of respondents agreed with the detailed proposals themselves, whilst 37% disagreed, and the remaining 17% were unsure.

 In addition to the survey, 190 people attended 14 sessions to hear the views of families and carers. A further 20 sessions was held with 210 current users of the in-house services.

The documents below detail the findings from the engagement on the service proposals described in the Choices for the Future booklet. These documents are:

•        a summary report;

•        appendix A – detailed analysis of the public survey and;

•        appendix B – set of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)  

Please take a look at the report booklet which describes the main findings of the recent period of engagement. This is also available at the bottom of this page under 'related documents' along with a downloadable copy of the survey.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

We Did

The survey results were discussed twice at the Heath and Social Care Board, after which a decision was made on 30th October 2018.  The Cabinet Member for Adults and Health approved:

1) The following day ser vice changes are implemented:

  • transfer existing services at Glen Vue and maidenbower to either Shaw Healthcare services (Deerswood and Burle's Wood) or through other providers/individual solutions as identified (complete by June 2019);
  • move provision at teh Wrenford Centre to the Chestnuts Day Centre and Judith Adams sites (complte b June 2019);
  • move provision at Coastal Enterprise, Coastal Workshop Rustington and oaks inot Lauresl, Rowans and Glebelands (complete b March 2020);
  • move the day service at new Tyne into the Rowards (complete by March 2020);
  • move provision at the Pines to Laurels, Rowans and Glebelands (by November 2020).

2) The prepareation of a plan b summer 2019 for the 24hr/residential services, to inlcude the rebuild of the Pines and Strawford day centres, and relocation of the Burnside day service to an alternative site

3) That a consultation on any proposed implementation of a reconfigured 24hr residential service provision incofporateing two new day oppoorunity sites is carried out.  To commence in the 2019 to 2020 budget year.

Further details and additional documents accompanying this decision can be found here.


We Asked

The purpose of the consultation was to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the VCS in West Sussex
  • Gain a deeper insight into the needs of the Voluntary Community Sector (VCS)
  • Gather your views on the current Voluntary Community Sector Infrastructure support
  • Understand more about the challenges that the VCS are facing. 

You Said

Survey was live from 19th February to 16th March.  We received 163 responses from a range of organisations. Your greatest challenges were:

  • Funding
  • Recruitment and retention of volunteers
  • Keeping track of changes in policy and/or legislation
  • Engagement with Statutory Sector eg WSCC, D&B’s, NHS
  • Premises
  • Skills and Training

We Did

The results are part of the ongoing consultation process with the Voluntary Community Sector and were shared at the VCS Engagement Event in April as well as sharing findings with the Infrastructure Organisations.    Following on from the VCS Engagement Event and survey results, a series of focus groups will be set up on the following themes: 

  • Volunteering
  • Partnerships and networking
  • Voice and communications
  • Funding
  • Training, governance and voluntary sector advice

We are hoping that group discussions on the above topics will take place over the coming months looking at different issues and identifying solutions that will make a positive difference going forward.

We Asked

Public examination hearings were held for the West Sussex Joint Minerals Local Plan in September 2017. During the hearings, discussions revealed a number of modifications to the Plan were likely to be necessary before the Planning Inspector could confirm the Plan as sound and legally compliant.  We published a schedule of proposed modifications, inviting formal representations on their soundness, in January 2018.

You Said

In total 36 organisations or individuals submitted a total of 123 representations on the proposed modifications. Following the representations period, the representations were submitted to the Planning Inspector for his review.  The inspector concluded that there were no further hearing sessions required once he had reviewed the representations. The Inspector issued his final report and a final schedule of modifications on 27 May 2018, confirming that, with the modifications, the Plan would be considered to be sound, and could be adopted.

We Did

The Joint Minerals Local Plan was formally adopted by the Authorities in July 2018, and now forms part of the Development Plan for West Sussex.  The Plan can be seen on the following webpages: www.westsussex.gov.uk/mwdf.

We Asked

We asked for your feedback on the proposal to amend the number of places West Sussex County Council commissions at the Special Support Centre at Hazelwick School. The proposal aligned provision more closely with need and made best use of available funding.

You Said

43 of you took part in the consultation and fed back your views on the proposal via the online survey. 42 respondents were opposed to the proposal to reduce the number of places and 1 neither supported or objected to the proposal. 

35 of you who responded went on to give further detail on your views with the majority commenting on insufficient SEND provision, reducing choice for families and the quality of provision.

We Did

Your comments were fully considered and addressed in the Decision Report which can be viewed here

Based on evidence of the number of specialist places required for children with hearing impairment and that the proposal will not affect children currently occupying places in the Special Support Centre, the West Sussex County Council Director for Education and Skills took a decision that came into effect on 28 March 2018 to approve the proposal. The number of places the County Council commissions at the Special Support Centre at Hazelwick School will be amended to 4 places, for implementation from September 2018.

Thank you to everyone that responded.   

We Asked

The Council has a statutory duty to consult on admission arrangements each year where there are proposed admission arrangement changes and once every seven years if there are no proposed changes.  We asked for your  views on its proposed admission arrangements for children who will be starting or transferring schools in September 2019. 

You Said

112 of you took part in this survey.

We Did

The Cabinet Member for Education and Skills has:- 

1.     Approved the National Scheme of Co-ordination for starting school and secondary transfer for 2019/2020 and changes to the non-statutory dates.

2.     Agreed the proposal to decrease the Published Admission Number for Lyndhurst Infant School from 120 to 90.

3.     Agreed the proposal to combine the catchment areas of Midhurst CE Primary (Controlled) and Easebourne CE Primary (Controlled) Schools creating a dual catchment area for both schools to enable more appropriate place planning in the area.

4.     Agreed that the proposal to remove the North/South dividing line in the oversubscription criteria for secondary schools in the Horsham Town area is not taken forward at this time, but that it is revisited in the near future when a new mixed secondary school is established.

We Asked

The Shoreham Harbour Regeneration Partnership, who has produced the Shoreham Harbour Joint Area Action Plan, asked for comments at various stages of the documents preparation. 

You Said

Comments made have been taken into account during the preparation of the documents. A schedule of proposed main and minor modifications to the plan, following the last representations stage, as well as a summary of representations have been submitted to the inspector for their consideration as part of the examination of the Plan.

We Did

In accordance with regulations*, Adur District Council, Brighton & Hove City Council and West Sussex County Council submitted the Shoreham Harbour Joint Area Action Plan to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government on 31 May 2018 for independent examination. The Proposed Submission Joint Area Action Plan, together with supporting documentation submitted to the Secretary of State, is available on the Adur & Worthing Councils websites at:



*Regulation 22 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.

Hard copies of the submission documents are available at the following locations for inspection during opening hours:


 Bartholomew House, Bartholomew Square, BN1 1JE

 Jubilee Library, Jubilee Street, Brighton, BN1 1GE


 County Hall, West Street, Chichester, PO19 1RQ


 Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, BN3 3BQ

 Hove Library, 182-186 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2EG


 Portslade Library, 223 Old Shoreham Road, Portslade, BN41 1XR


 Shoreham Centre, Pond Rd, Shoreham-by-Sea, BN43 5WU

 Shoreham Library, St Mary’s Road, Shoreham-by-Sea, BN43 5ZA


 Southwick Library, Southdown Road, Southwick, BN42 4FT

 Shoreham Port, Nautilus House, 90-100 Albion St, BN42 4ED


 Portland House, Richmond Rd, Worthing, BN11 1HS


The Shoreham Harbour Joint Area Action Plan will now be subject to an independent examination which will be conducted by the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State. Details will be published on the councils’ websites. Notification will also be sent to all those who made representations at previous Regulation 19 stages (Proposed Submission Shoreham Harbour Joint Area Action Plan 2017).

A Programme Officer has been appointed to assist the Planning Inspector. All future correspondence relating to the public examination hearings should be via the Programme Officer, using the following contact details:

Mr Chris Banks

Programme Officer

Mob: 07817 322750

email: bankssolutionsuk@gmail.com

We Asked

We asked for your feedback on the proposal to amend the Special Support Centre provision at Maidenbower Junior School from Additional Learning Needs to Autistic Spectrum Condition, to enable provision which is more in line with need and to make best use of available funding.

You Said

72 of you took part in the consultation and fed back your views on the proposal via the online survey or by email.  60 of the responses were in support of the proposal, 6 neither objected nor supported and 6 responses objected to the proposal. 

47 of you who responded went on to give further detail on your views and the overarching message was that additional provision for children with Autistic Spectrum Condition is very much needed and welcomed.  

Thank you to everyone that responded.    

We Did

The West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Education and Skills took a decision that came into effect on 28th February to approve the proposal to amend the Special Support Centre provision at Maidenbower Junior School from provision for Additional Learning Needs to provision for Autistic Spectrum Condition, for implementation from September 2018. 

You can view the Cabinet Member Decision Record and the Decision Report here.

We Asked

The County Council has a statutory duty to commission sufficient school places for children and young people across the County.  Having identified areas of growth in the number of Primary and Secondary School Places, we asked you to provide feedback on proposals for expansion at Felpham Community College, St Mary's Catholic Primary in Bognor Regis and Easebourne CE Primary in West Sussex from 2019.

You Said

190 of you took part in the consultation and fed back your views on the various proposals for school expansion via the online survey, by letter or by email. Letters were also received from the Heads and Governing Bodies from all the schools and the Diocese of Chichester and the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton. 

There were 30 responses to the proposed expansion of Felpham Community College, 14 of which were in support, 7 neither objected or supported and 9 were objections.  There were 17 responses for St Mary's Catholic Primary, 7 were in support, 2 neither objected or supported and 8 were objections.  Of the 125 responses for Easebourne CE Primary, 15 were in support, 21 were neither objected nor supported and 91 were objections.

We Did

The West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Education and Skills took a decision that came into effect on 22 Jan 2018 to approve the publication of statutory notices to further consult on the expansion of two of the schools, Felpham Community College and St Mary's Catholic Primary, Bognor Regis. 

The statutory public notice is attached below or can be accessed hereFurther details about the proposals for Felpham Community College and St Mary's Catholic Primary, Bognor Regis are provided below and can be found here

There is a representation period for comemnt of 4 weeks which commences from 8th February 2018. 

The Cabinet Member further decided that the expansion of Easebourne CE Primary School is not currently progressed.  He suggests that this requires the investigation of alternative options to cater for demand in the area and further consultation may take place in the future with schools and the wider community in the Rother Valley.

We Asked

We asked for your views on the principles containted in the Chichester Space Audit.

You Said

There were a total of 189 electronic responses recorded during the consultation period. A further 25 responses were either submitted in writing or received outside of this period. There were also numerous posts submitted via social media that have also been considered.

We Did

The results fed into recommendations which were presented to the South Chichester CLC on the 20th February 2018 (link to agenda), and were circulated to Members and Senior Officers both at the County Council and Chichester District Council prior to this.  The outcome of this meeting will be shared as soon as the minutes become available

We Asked

Consultation was undertaken with a wide range of stakeholders to help develop the new West Sussex Suicide Prevention Strategy.  For more comprehensive information about this process and the results which informed the strategy, please visit the JSNA (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment) webpage here.


You Said

For more comprehensive information about this process and the results which informed the strategy, please visit the JSNA (Joint Strategic Needs Assessment) webpage here.

We Did

A new West Sussex Suicide Prevention Strategy had been developed based on evidence drawn from the West Sussex Suicide Audit (2017), engagement with front-line workers via an online consultation , a brief review of effective models of suicide prevention and local level analysis of emergency hospital admissions for self-harm.

We Asked

We asked you to comment on the the build out and priority give way system proposed for West Street.

You Said

Thank you very much for completing the online consultation and for those of you who attended the little event in the library.  75% of those that responded supported the proposal and all of those identified as living in West Street itself. 

Many of you suggested in the comment section and at the event that the 20mph limit should be extended west into West Street and I have discussed this request with the Highway Manager.  Currently traffic speeds are too high for the implementation of a 20mph, this might sound strange but national guidance and the police are of the view that 20mph limits should be self-enforcing in that they should be introduced where the average car driver is not travelling too quickly.  However, once the works are complete I will have a further speed study carried out and will ensure that the results are passed along to your town council and the highway manager.  There is also a view that it would not make sense to treat only West Street but that any scheme of this kind should encompass adjoining roads as well. 

Some people also suggested that additional features such as humps and tables should be installed; we will keep these ideas in mind going forward but will see what can be achieved just with the proposed priority one way.  As I mentioned before we will do a speed evaluation in the months after the scheme has been installed.

A small number of respondents were concerned about parking and waste collections.  This proposal should not materially affect either of these provisions, there is no plan to change the parking restriction here although a space or so might be lost due to the build out section.

We Did

What we will do

I will now move the works into the build phase and have the job placed in this year’s build programme.  Due to other commitments this is likely to be toward the end of this year or into early 2018.  I will keep you informed of the likely start date nearer the time.  I will retain your email addresses for this purpose only but if you wish to be removed from the list please contact me directly.

We Asked

The Proposed Submission Draft Representation Period was undertaken to allow for comments on the soundness and legal compliance of the Draft West Sussex Joint Minerals Local Plan.  You can find out more about the Draft West Sussex Joint Minerals Local Plan here, and the consultation underpinning it, here.

We published the Proposed Submission Draft Joint Minerals Local Plan in January 2017 for a formal representations period, in accordance with Regulation 19 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (as amended).  We wrote to approximately 3000 individuals and organisations, informing that The Plan, a Sustainability Appraisal, and a number of technical evidence documents were published for formal representations, prior to submission to the Secretary of State for public examination hearings on the Plans soundness.


You Said

In total, There were 270 organisations or individuals who submitted representations. Following the representations period, the proposed submission documents were submitted to the Secretary of State, along with the representations, in May 2017, for examination on the Plans soundness.

We Did

The Joint Minerals Local Plan was subject to examination hearings in September 2017, conducted by an independently appointed Planning Inspector, who assessed the soundness of the Plan.  The inspector, during the hearing sessions, suggested modifications were required to the Plan before it could be formally adopted. Those modifications were subject to a further period of representations which began in January 2018.

We Asked

We asked your views about your experiences, perceptions and priorities regarding crime and community safety in your area. 631 responses were received.

You Said

Of the 631 respondents, 84 identified as having been a victim of crime in the past 12 months.

Of the 84 victims;

61 had reported the incident to someone.

Whilst 23 had not been reported.


536 respondents stated they were either satisfied or very satisfied with their local area as a place to live.

52 were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.

And 43 stated they were either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied.


Compared to the rest of the UK;

477 respondents stated they thought that crime in their area was lower than average.

134 thought it was about the same.

Whilst 20 thought it was higher than average.


Over the past three years;

20 respondents stated their concern about crime and community safety had decreased.

376 stated it had stayed the same.

And 235 said it had increased.


The top 5 priorities were identified as:

1 – Catching and convicting offenders

2 – Early intervention with young people to prevent them from offending

3 – Providing an accessible police presence in communities

4 – Working with families who cause the most problems in the community

5 – Crime prevention

We Did

The feedback that you provided contributes towards informing local priorities and actions to tackle crime and disorder in your area.

Data from the surveys has been used to inform the West Sussex Community Safety Agreement (revised) 2017 - 20, which is available here .

We Asked

Do you attend the dentist regularly (within the last 6 to 12 months)?

Do your children attend the dentist regularly (within the last 6 to 12 months)?

You Said

302 adults with children aged 5 years old and under living in Crawley responded.

243 adults responded yes, they attend the dentist regularly

168 adults with children aged 5 years old and under said their child/ children attend the dentist regularly


We Did

Updated our records.

Made Oral Health a health priority for Crawley (Health for Families Programme), liaising with local Crawley dentists on how to make the service more accessible to families

Ensure that Oral Health is discussed at Discover Baby sessions


We Asked

The County Council has a statutory duty to commission sufficient school places for children and young people across the County.  Having identified areas of growth in the number of Primary and Secondary School Places, we asked you to provide feedback on proposals for expansion at 10 Primary and Secondary schools in West Sussex from 2017.

You Said

195 of you took part in the consultation and fed back your views on the various proposals for school expansion via the online survey, by letter or by email. Letters were also received from the Heads and Chairmen of the Governing Bodies from all the schools.

We Did

West Sussex County Council met on 14th March and approved expansion proposals for 9 Primary and Secondary Schools in the County.   Expansion at Blackwell Primary School was not supported given the numbers of children for entry in 2017 is lower than anticipated and the expansion was opposed by the wider community.  Please click here to view the Cabinet Member Report.  The Council has now written to the Heads and Chairs of Governing Bodies to confirm the decisions made.

We Asked

We asked you to tell us how you used 11 local bus routes across West Sussex.


You Said

We received 321 responses to the survey, providing us with useful information about how you use these bus services and any impacts their changes may cause.  

In particular, just over one third of you raised concerns about the plan to withdraw the 74/74A/75 off peak service and replace it by diverting service 100.

We Did

Your feedback was passed to the Transport Planning team to inform the planning process and new timetables.

The plan to cease the 74/74A/75 service has now been cancelled and the service will continue to run with a modified scheme retaining the daytime service. The 100 service will remain unchanged.

You can view the full list of confirmed service changes in the Results section of this project.

All changes will take effect from 23 April 2017

We Asked

We asked you if you are likely to use the new facility when it is ready, and if you had any comments you wish to make about the proposals?

You Said

Fifty-five of you who provided feedback to us, and this is very much appreciated. Of the 55 responses:

  • 69% of you stated that you are either very likely/likely to use the new facility
  • 20% of you said you are either unlikely/very unlikely to use it
  • 11% of you said neither

Many of you provided helpful comments toward the proposals. Some others expressed concerns. The range of topics covered can be summarised as follows:

  • Improvements to Comet Corner, Oystercatcher or Church Lane roundabouts are more urgent
  • Should allow for equestrian use
  • Priority for and safety of cyclists across side road accesses and junctions
  • Connection with existing facilities

We Did

We have reviewed your comments with our design consultants, and changes have been made to the proposals where possible. We will increase the width of the existing traffic island on the A259 at Comet Corner to allow pedestrians and cyclists to safely cross the road there. We will make sure the signing at either end of the proposed facility is clear to help cyclists to find their way around. We are also exploring alternative options to cross the A259 further east of the roundabout at Church Lane and Crookthorn Lane.

There is a separate improvement scheme at Comet Corner currently being prepared and will be implemented shortly.

We Asked

we asked you to look at a number of options for schemes, some of these options had repeated themes and we then asked you rank them in order of preference.

We also asked you to comment on some common themes that could be present at each location.

You Said

Felpham Village Centre – consultation results    

Thank you for responding to the Village Centre Consultation.  There were 158 responses

Vicarage lane Junction:

Using a statistical model to evaluate your ranking responses option two came out ahead followed by option three a close second: 

The prevalent features of these two options were to retain the wider road junction and retain a pedestrian island, to retain a wider crossing point outside the Beauty shop and to have a wide carriageway surface marking.

Limmer Lane Junction:

Using the same statistical model as before option one came out ahead closely followed by option two. These two options include retaining as much parking as possible and to establish a safe crossing point.

Surface colour:

Of those that responded to this question 50% were in favour of a red colour, 24% preferred buff and 26% preferred to leave the surface black.

20mph Limit

71% of respondents supported the village wide limit and 29% did not.

Additional Features

Flower planters were the most desired extra feature with 87 positive responses.



Flower planters


cycle stands


Decorative seating


wooden bollards




Your Comments

There were 41 mentions of limmer Lane many of which were concerned with excessive speed in this road as well as inconsiderate parking

There were 27 mentions regarding road crossing and zebra crossings



We Did

Felpham Village Centre – Consultation We Did   

Thank you for responding to the Village Centre Consultation.  There were 158 responses

Vicarage lane:

Having viewed your most favoured choices I have briefed our designer to go away and design the next stage of the proposal keeping your views firmly in mind.  We will look to retain the pedestrian crossing island on the junction and will take a serious look at the possibility of a zebra crossing.

Limmer Lane:

We feel you are most concerned with having sufficient parking bays but closely concerned with having a safe crossing point.  I will try and progress both of these options into the next stage of the design.