Mobile Waste Service consultation

Closed 13 Dec 2019

Opened 14 Nov 2019

Results expected 20 Dec 2019

Feedback Updated 4 Mar 2020

We Asked

The consultation was requested by seven local councils located on the Manhood Peninsula.  The main objective was to assess the public feeling towards self-funding the mobile waste service that runs on consecutive weeks at Selsey and the Witterings.

The survey asked service catchment residents about:

  • Whether or not they would be prepared to pay an additional £5 – 7 per household per year through their Town or Parish Council tax in preference to withdrawing the existing service.
  • Who uses this mobile service, how often and for what purpose.

You Said

Approximately 74% of responders positively agreed to paying an extra amount on their council tax to pay for the service.

We Did

Anonymised results have been shared with the seven local councils who are currently considering the results of the consultation.  A decision is expected by the end of March on whether or not to go ahead with the self-funding.


Photo of  Mobile Household Waste Recycling Site in the Witterings

The mobile waste service operating in Selsey and the Witterings is, reluctantly, under consideration for closure as means to enable West Sussex County Council to make savings. This is the last mobile (household) waste service to be operated by the County Council, as all others were withdrawn following consultation in October 2016. The County Council is now considering withdrawing this service no later than 30th September 2020, unless alternative funding arrangements can be secured.

We are exploring the option of the cost of the service being met through the Town or Parish precept (this is the portion of your Council tax that is set locally by your Town or Parish Council to support very local services).

If all Town and Parish Councils in the mobile service catchment area (see map below and attached FAQs) are prepared to support this proposal, then the additional cost in Council Tax would be around £5-£7 per household per year.

Map showing position of mobile waste service and the service catchment areas.

Map of mobile household waste sites and catchment areas including West Itchenor, Birdham, West Wittering, East Wittering and Bracklesham, Earnley, Sidlesham, and Selsey

Why We Are Consulting

The consultation has two objectives:

  • To establish whether residents in the mobile waste service catchment area would be prepared to pay an additional £5 – 7 per household per year through their Town or Parish Council tax in preference to withdrawing the existing service.
  • To obtain more information on who uses this service, how often and for what purpose.

Selsey Town Council and the Parish Councils in the catchment area have not yet committed to doing this proposal, so the County Council has been working with them to develop this consultation to see if there is any local support for the proposal.  The consultation results will help them to decide whether or not to fund the mobile waste service in order to maintain the service at the local level in the future. 

Please refer to the leaflet at the bottom of this page, where you will also find a copy of some “Frequently Asked Questions” which provides additional information about this project. 

If you would like help completing this survey, or need alternative formats, then please email: or call 01243 642106.

If you are deaf or have difficulty hearing you can contact us via NGT Text Relay 18001 01243 642106 providing you have this app downloaded onto your PC, laptop or smartphone.

 Please provide your feedback by completing our online survey below.


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