Proposals for changes to West Sussex Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRSs)

Closed 12 Jun 2016

Opened 16 May 2016

Results expected 1 Sep 2016

Feedback updated 7 Oct 2016

We asked

We asked West Sussex residents for their views on the proposed changes to the Household waste recycling sites. The consultation ran from 16th May 2016 until 12th June 2016.




You said

 We received 4899 responses and comments from residents, Parish town Councils and District and Borough Councils and in terms of sufficiency, constitutes the largest number of consultation responses ever received by West Sussex County Council.

• The majority of respondents understood the necessity to achieve the required savings from our services but they wanted assurance that the site would be open at hours that suited their lifestyles

• Respondents expressed concern that the proposed changes to these services would result in an increase of fly-tipping across the County and an increase in traffic at each of the HWRSs

• Respondents supported the introduction of a charge to dispose of tyres

• From the responses received it was clear that there was some confusion regarding the types of materials that are determined by legislation as non-household waste. Respondents did not support charging to dispose of non-household waste.


We did

The Cabinet Member for Residents Services determined that changes to the HWRSs were essential in achieving the required savings in the department budget. Following consideration of the consultation responses and communication with District and Borough Councils the following changes of service will be introduced on the 1st October 2016:


  • There will be changes to the opening hours of all HWRSs and changes to the opening days of 8 out of 11 sites


  • Charges will be introduced on all HWRSs for the disposal of non-household waste materials and car and vans tyres. Sites will no longer accept LGV, tractor and mobile plant tyres.


  • The provision of most Mobile Household Waste Services in Chichester will cease by the 1st October except in Selsey and The Witterings which will be provided with these services on a fortnightly bases after the 1st October


You can also find full details of all the changes taking place at Household Waste Recycling Sites at


You can view the decision report here




West Sussex County Council is dealing with the most significant ever reductions to its budget. The Council has a plan to fill a £44.2m gap in funding following a worse than expected grant settlement from Government and an increasing demand for services.

The measures include a 3.95% increase in council tax – which will generate an extra £14.5m a year for the County Council and equates to an extra 88 pence per week for the average household.

The remaining gap in funding will be bridged by £18.6m of savings across the Council planned for next year and over £11m of savings already delivered in previous years. All Council services are required to provide a set of savings measures to contribute to the overall £18.6 million Council wide savings target.

That’s why we have reviewed our provision of Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRSs).

Our review has shown that our current provision is very well run and highly regarded by residents, but there are efficiencies that can be made that would provide significant savings and still provide an effective service to our residents.

As a result of this review, we believe the best way forward to meet our savings and yet maintain a good quality of service is to:

  1. Reduce the daily opening hours at sites.
  2. Reduce the number of days some HWRSs are open each week.
  3. Introduce charging for non-household waste disposal and no longer accept LGV, Tractor, Mobile Plant or any Commercial Vehicle tyres.
  4. Cease the Mobile HWRS Service.
  5. Restrict the access of trailers to those sites with “Large Vehicle Bays”.


Why we are consulting

Please see attached Foreword by David Barling, Cabinet Member for Residents Services, in 'Related Documents' below.

This year the Council continues to be faced by significant reductions to the funding it receives from central government, which along with your Council tax, pays for the services we provide. The remaining gap in funding will be bridged by £18.6m of savings across the Council planned for next year.

These reductions are forcing the Council to find ways to save money and reduce costs. That’s why in last year’s budget we decided to review our Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRSs) with the aim of making significant savings of around £2m per year from our Waste Services budget. We have now completed a review of our HWRSs.

It has shown that our current provision is well-run and well used by residents, but there are efficiencies that can be made which would provide significant savings, and still provide an effective service to our residents.

We appreciate that these proposals will have an impact on some residents but in every single case we have tried hard to find solutions which save money, but minimise the inconvenience to the largest number of residents.

We think this is the right thing to do when budgets are being squeezed ever harder, as we think we should be prioritising the money we spend on people, not waste.

What our review found

We looked at a range of different information as part of our review, such as usage of the sites, the amount of waste brought to HWRSs and our statutory duties. Our analysis is that there is an opportunity to make changes to the service that will deliver significant savings, whilst still meeting the needs of the public and our statutory duties, maximising recycling and ensuring sites meet the highest standard of health and safety.

Will fly-tipping increase?

Evidence from other County Councils who have made similar changes to those we are proposing show that there has not been an increase in fly-tipping as a result. Fly-tipping is a criminal offence and blights local areas – there is no evidence to show that West Sussex residents will resort to fly-tipping if they can’t use a HWRS for whatever reason.

We will however, continue to monitor the sites through CCTV and utilise the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) national fly-tipping database, as well as carrying out inspections to assess any impact of reductions in opening hours and days. We will work closely with the District and Borough Councils to ensure any incidents of fly-tipping are promptly reported, cleared and investigated fully.

How to 'Have Your Say'.

We are proposing a package of five proposals, rather than a selection to choose from, which as a whole will deliver the savings needed. Each proposal is detailed in this consultation for your comments.

No decisions have been made as yet, we would like to hear your views on these proposals.

In order to 'Have your Say' please complete this consultation, it should take no longer than 15 minutes in total. There is more detail in the rest of this document, as well as a detailed set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to assist you which can be found on the link below under 'Related Documents'.

The information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be processed in compliance with the 1998 Data Protection Act.  Your details will not be passed on to any third party, and the information you provide will not be used for any other purpose without your prior permission.


What happens next

When the consultation has closed, your feedback will be collated and analysed and then presented to the West Sussex County Council’s Cabinet in July 2016. Cabinet will make the final decisions on whether to proceed with, amend, or withdraw any or all of the proposals included in this document. This report will be publicly available and will include responses from the Council to issues that emerge through the consultation.

The deadline for responses is midnight Sunday 12 June 2016.


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