Buy with Confidence in West Sussex

Closed 2 Sep 2016

Opened 3 Aug 2016

Feedback Updated 28 Nov 2016

We Asked

  • How can a trader assurance scheme such as Buy with Confidence (BWC) be best promoted in West Sussex?


  • What do West Sussex businesses look for in a trader assurance scheme?

You Said

  • BWC members would most like to the scheme promoted in local newspapers.


  • Businesses attach high importance to both Trading Standards approval and publicity.


  • The affordability of a trader assurance scheme is another key consideration for businesses.

We Did

  • West Sussex Trading Standards is considering future options for BWC in West Sussex, taking into account what would be most beneficial to local businesses and consumers alike.

Results Updated 17 Oct 2016

This survey ran from the 3rd August to the 2nd September 2016, for a total of 61 days.

In total, 69 business managers or owners completed the survey.

Key findings

  •  Whether current BWC members or not, businesses attach high significance to "Trading Standards approval".
  •  Businesses attach almost equally high significance to the amount of publicity a trader scheme can generate for their business.
  •  From among the various options presented, the means of promotion which BWC members would most like to see pursued is local newspapers.
  •  The most successful means of customer referral for the businesses surveyed is "word of mouth", followed by the business’ own website. Social media and trader scheme promotion are desirable, but rank lower in terms of what is currently working for these businesses.
  •  General awareness of BWC among businesses remains low, with only 20% of non-members having been aware of BWC prior to completing the survey.
  •  Affordability is a key consideration for businesses looking to join a trader scheme, with many former BWC members having left due to cost and non-members being put off for the same reason.






This survey is presented to you on behalf of West Sussex Trading Standards, and will take around 10 minutes to complete.

Buy with Confidence members give their customers peace of mind and are "Trading Standards approved", having successfully been audited by Trading Standards.

Members are promoted in the West Sussex Buy With Confidence directory, as well as on the national website,

Members have access to ongoing support and advice from qualified Trading Standards personnel.

For more information, or to join:

Alternatively, contact West Sussex Trading Standards: , 01243 642 124

Why We Are Consulting

At West Sussex Trading Standards, we are currently reviewing the Buy with Confidence scheme. The results of this survey will help ensure that we are meeting the needs of West Sussex businesses as fully as possible.

Buy with Confidence has recently been made available to all businesses nationally, and other work is underway to expand the membership of the scheme. West Sussex Trading Standards want to match this, by identifying channels through which to promote the scheme locally. By reaching more potential consumers, it is anticipated that the value of Buy with Confidence membership for businesses would increase.

Furthermore, West Sussex Trading Standards are considering the possibility of partnering with commercial trader assurance schemes in the future. Such a partnership would mean that businesses belonging to a partnered commercial scheme would also have the option of becoming “Trading Standards approved”.

What Happens Next

The results of this survey will help West Sussex Trading Standards to make a decision on how best to operate the Buy with Confidence scheme in the future.

Our aim is to by approve and promote businesses which adhere to high standards and are committed to excellent customer service.

For more information about becoming a member, or to sign up:

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