Consultation on the proposal to change St Andrew's CE High School for Boys, Worthing from a single sex boys’ school to a co-educational school

Closed 29 Jun 2020

Opened 1 Jun 2020

Results expected 13 Jul 2020

Feedback updated 15 Oct 2020

We asked

We asked for your views on proposals to change the character at The Forest School, Horsham from a single sex boys school to a co-educational school with effect from Septmeber 2021.

You said

A total of 611 responses were received in response to the consultation for St Andrew’s CE High School for Boys, Worthing.

No responses were received after the closing date of 29 June 2020.  The responses showed 53% of respondents supported the proposals, 39% were against and 8% were uncertain.  Many of those in favour referred to the educational outcome for boys improving if girls were admitted and that single sex schools were ‘outdated’ in today’s society and as the world is mixed schools need to reflect there are no barriers.  Those against commented that discipline is more beneficial to male pupils in a single sex school; that single sex boys schools can give an education that is specific to boys and what interests them most and that the proposals are not fair unless the girls’ schools also become co-educational.

Whilst the proportion of responses in support of St Andrews CE Boys’ School converting to become a co-educational school were marginal there was still a majority in favour of the changes.  It was also clear that only a minority within the community were in favour of retaining single-sex boys’ schooling in Worthing.  This is similarly evidenced by the lack of a sustained or increased enrolment at the school and there is strong recognition that the school cannot stay as it is and change is needed.

We did

In July 2020 the Cabinet Member for Education and Skills took a decision to approve the conversion of St Andrew’s CE High School for Boys, Worthing to become a co-educational school with effect from September 2021 (decision reference ES5(20/21)).

In accordance with Department for Education guidelines, the County Council published statutory notices for the required four week period confirming the intention to make the prescribed alteration to change the character of St Andrew’s C of E High School for Boys, Worthing, from single sex boys’ school to a co-educational school from September 2021 entry.  Following the closure of this four week period there have been no representations received on the proposals that are deemed to provide new or significant information.  In this respect no further decision by the Cabinet Member for Education and Skills is required and the proposals will be implemented as described in the previous decision ES520/21.


The County Council is responsible for strategically organising schools to ensure that they work in the most sustainable and effective way to support pupil outcomes.  For school organisation across the County, the aim is to establish a model of robust and sustainable education for all schools and key stages. For school improvement, the aim is to effectively challenge and support schools in order to secure long-term financial sustainability.

This consultation is for pupils, parents/carers, staff,  pupils, governors, the local community and other interested parties.  Please read the 'Statutory Consultation -  Proposal to change St Andrew's CE High School for Boys, Worthing from a single sex boys school to a co-educational school.

Why we are consulting

West Sussex County Council, the Diocese and The Local Governing Body of St Andrew's CE High School for Boys, Worthing have agreed to consult on the proposed significant change of character to alter the school from a single sex boys’ school to a co-educational school from September 2021 entry.  At the same time The Director of Education & Skills  will consult on changing  The Forest School, Horsham from a single sex boys’ school to a co-educational school from September 2021 entry. 

We welcome your views on the proposal relating to this school. The local authority will consider all the views put forward during the consultation period before a decision is taken on whether to implement the proposal.

Further details of the consultation and decision making process is outlined in the Consultation on the proposal to change St Andrew's CE High School for Boys, Worthing from a single sex boys’ school to a co-educational school.

Our preferred method of response is for you to complete this online survey.  Alternatively, you can respond as follows:

1. Contact School Organisation & Development Team by emailing

2. Complete the response form at the end of the consultation document and return it via your local school or by post to:

The School Organisation Team (address), West Sussex County Council, Ground Floor, Northleigh, Tower Street, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1RH

Please note: Due to the volume of responses we receive when consulting on school proposals, we will not be able to acknowledge written responses or enter into correspondence with interested parties during or after the consultation period. A list of frequently asked questions will be made available to view online and will be updated throughout the consultation period.

Alternate formats 

If you require this information in an alternative format, please contact us on 0330 22 23049 or via email at If you are deaf or hard of hearing and have an NGT texting app installed on your computer, laptop or smartphone, you can contact us on 18001 0330 22 23049 .

What happens next

The consulting and decision making process is oulined below:

Following assessment of the outcome of the consultation the Cabinet Member for Education and Skills will be asked to consider whether to proceed in approving the significant change in character of St Andrew's CE High School for Boys, Worthing to co-educational schools from September 2021.


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