Proposed revocation of decision to relocate Shelley Primary School, Broadbridge Heath

Closed 24 May 2018

Opened 26 Apr 2018

Results expected 11 Jun 2018

Feedback Updated 16 Apr 2019

We Asked

For your feedback on plans to expand Shelley Primary School and to partially revocate a previous statutory notice published in 2012 which proposed relocating Shelley Primary School to Wickhurst Green.

You Said

  • You welcomed new school places in the area.
  • You were concerned about the maintenance at Shelley Primary and the lack of space to expand.
  • You were concerned about road safety outside the school
  • You were concerned about the delay in providing a new school to serve Wickhurst Green

We Did

  • We shared your views with the project design team and architect looking at feasibility
  • Informed the Safer Routes to School team who review school travel plans
  • Responses were shared with the Cabinet Member for Education and Skills
  • A report was sent to the Project Director at the Department for Education in charge of the new free school proposed to serve Wickhurst Green.

 For futther information please see Cabinet Member decision report.




Statutory notices were published and a Cabinet Member for Education and Skills decision taken in September 2012 to expand and relocate Shelley Primary School to a new development site to the south of Broadbridge Heath, now known as Wickhurst Green.

Due to lack of funding at West Sussex County Council to build, what in effect would be a new school, it is proposed that the Cabinet Member for Education and Skills approve the partial revocation of the notice in line with Department for Education statutory guidelines after a four week representation period.

The Secretary of State for Education has appointed a sponsor, the Glynn Learning Foundation, to set up a primary free school on the new development site and the building is to be funded by the Free Schools Programme of the Department for Education.  A date for opening is yet to be confirmed.  In the meantime the expansion of Shelley Primary school on its existing site funded by West Sussex County Council and in part by the housing developer will be able to cater for the increased demand in places. 

We would welcome feedback on any aspects of these proposals.

What Happens Next

Consultation closes on 24 May 2018. Results will be forwarded to the Cabinet Member for Education and Skills for further consideration and to inform a decision on whether to proceed to revoke the relocation of Shelley Primary.  Feedback will be given to the public by the end of June 2018.


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