Proposed reorganisation of rural and small schools in West Sussex consultation

Closed 25 Nov 2019

Opened 7 Oct 2019

Results expected 9 Jan 2020

Feedback expected 31 Jan 2020


Photo of seven school pupils standing in a group

Ensuring that all children and young people secure the best start in life and are able to support the County in its quest for sustainability and prosperity is key to the future of West Sussex. Our School Effectiveness Strategy 2018-2022  aims to take account of this changing landscape and mitigate the extreme challenges of current educational funding faced both by schools and the County Council.

The County Council is responsible for strategically organising schools to ensure that they work in the most sustainable and effective way to support pupil outcomes.  For school organisation across the County, the aim is to establish a model of robust and sustainable education for all schools and key stages. For School Improvement, the aim is to effectively challenge and support schools in order to secure long-term financial sustainability.

The national context of school organisation will especially affect small schools in West Sussex. School governing bodies are responsible for considering the impact and the actions that they can take. Early action is therefore needed to mitigate the risks of schools becoming vulnerable which leads to financial unsustainability and consequently a reduction in provision and standards.

The proposed reorganisation of rural and small schools in West Sussex consultation relates to the following five schools which have been assessed as being vulnerable:

Clapham & Patching C of E Primary School, The Street, Clapham, Worthing, BN13 3UU

Compton & Up Marden CE Primary School, School Lane, Compton, Chichester, PO18 9EZ

Rumboldswhyke C of E Infant School, Rumbolds Close, Chichester, PO19 7UA

Stedham Primary School, School Lane, Stedham, Midhurst, GU29 0NY

Warninglid Primary School, Slaugham Lane, Warninglid, Haywards Heath, RH17 5TJ

This consultation is for pupils, parents and carers, staff, governors, the local community and other interested parties.  Please read the 'Proposed reorganisation of rural and small schools in West Sussex' consultation document below, and/or attend one of the public meetings at each of the schools.  The dates, times and venues for these meetings are also listed below.

Why We Are Consulting

We welcome your views on the future of these schools. The local authority will consider all the views put forward during the consultation period before a decision is taken on whether to proceed with the statutory process to make changes at all or any of the named schools. 

Further details of the consultation and decision making process is outlined in the 'Proposed reorganisation of rural and small schools in West Sussex' consultation document below.

Our preferred method of response is for you to complete this online survey.  Alternatively, you can respond as follows:

1. Contact School Organisation & Development Team by emailing

2. Complete the response form at the end of the consultation document and return it via your local school or by post to:

The School Organisation Team (address), West Sussex County Council, Ground Floor, Northleigh, Tower Street, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1RH

Please note: Due to the volume of responses we receive when consulting on school proposals, we will not be able to acknowledge written responses or enter into correspondence with interested parties during or after the consultation period. A list of frequently asked questions will be made available to view online and will be updated throughout the consultation period.

Alternate formats 

If you require this information in an alternative format, please contact us on 0330 22 23049 or via email at If you are deaf or hard of hearing and have an NGT texting app installed on your computer, laptop or smartphone, you can contact us on 18001 0330 22 23049 .

What Happens Next

The consulting and decision making process is oulined below:

Tables showing next five stages of consultation process



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