The proposed building and expansion of primary schools in the Crawley and Mid Sussex areas

Closed 30 Nov 2015

Opened 2 Nov 2015

Results expected 15 Dec 2015


Numbers of children have been rising across the County for several years. The table below summarises proposals for primary schools in the Crawley and Mid Sussex areas to expand to cater for existing or forecast future demand.

We would like to know whether there is support or not for proposals to provide a new school and expand existing schools in the area and any comments, concerns, advice on views on how this might be implemented.

We will be holding a number of drop-in sessions for people who would like to come along and discuss the proposals in person.  Details are as follows:

10 November 2015, 3.15 - 5.45pm

Harlands Primary School, Penland Road, Haywards Heath RH16 1PJ

12 November 2015, 3.30 - 6pm

Northgate Primary School, Green Lane, Crawley RH10 8DX

16 November 2015, 3.00 - 6pm

Crawley Down Village C of E School, Hophurst Drive, Crawley Down, RH10 4XA







Why We Are Consulting

To raise awareness and seek feedback from the community on proposals to provide a new school and expand a number of existing schools in the Crawley and Mid Sussex areas.


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