Increasing space at Manor Green Primary, Crawley

Closed 13 Nov 2018

Opened 8 Oct 2018

Results expected 7 Dec 2018

Feedback Updated 9 May 2019

We Asked

On 8th October 2018 a four week consultation was launched on proposals to expand Manor Green Primary to accommodate the rising demand for pupil places. We sought feedback from education stakeholders in the area, parents, the wider school community, local councils, neighbouring authorities, SEN Forums, amongst others on whether this would be welcomed.

You Said

Seventy nine responses were received to an online survey, 75 of whom supported the proposals.  Responses were mainly from parents of pupils at the school and local residents.  Proposals were also well received in the local press.  Respondents commented that the expanded numbers need to be supported by increased staffing and consideration given to access arrangements.

We Did

The Cabinet Member has agreed funding for a permanent expansion of the building to accommodate a further 36 pupils including two extra classrooms and hoist and hygiene facilities for children with complex needs. Capital investment in the new facilities and equipment is likely to be in the order of £1m. Extra revenue funding is made available for teaching and learning staff based on additional numbers.


The County Council has a statutory duty to provide sufficient school places for all children who need a place.  The County Council has been closely monitoring the number of places across the County and this number has been rising for the last five years, including the number of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilties (SEND) and in particular with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs).

Manor Green Primary School in Crawley, a school which caters for children with a wide range of SEND, has admitted increasing numbers of children in recent years.  The school requires expanding to provide additional teaching space to accommodate the growing pupil population (the school now offers up to 200 places rather than 164 as previously).  It is intended that this additional space will be in place for September 2019 and will include two additional modular classrooms and additional hygiene space.

The County Council welcomes your views on the proposal to increase the space at Manor Green Primary.


Why We Are Consulting

Your opinions are important to us and we are keen to obtain your views on the following proposals:-

Increase the space at Manor Green Primary to accommodate the rising demand for pupil places in recent years which has risen from 164 places to up to 200 places.

You can find out more information on these proposals in the document below.

To make it easier to read, or to store a copy for your records, you can also download and save this document to your own computer if you wish. Just hover over the top of the document until the 'save' icon appears, and then click on the icon to save it to your computer.

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What Happens Next

After the consultation closing date, responses will be anonymised, collated and shared with the Cabinet Member for Education and Skills who will take a decision on whether the expansion can proceed. This is likely to take place in December 2018. The design of the modular building will also be subject to a full planning application which is likely to take place in the new year.


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