West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service Integrated Risk Management Plan (draft)

Closes 28 May 2018

Your views - Draft West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service Integrated Risk Management Plan

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this consultation. Before answering these questions, please ensure that you have read the Draft West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service Integrated Risk Management Plan (see below in drop down link), which your answers will need to be based on.

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Summary Integrated Risk Management Plan (please read)

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1. Do you agree with priority one: Reduce the number of emergency incidents and their consequences through the continuous improvement of prevention, protection and response activities.

2. Do you agree with priority two: As part of West Sussex County Council, the fire service must work with local communities, districts and boroughs to keep West Sussex safe?

3. Do you agree with priority three: Collaborate with emergency services and other local and national partners to improve the service to the public.

4. Do you agree with priority four: Develop and maintain a workforce that is professional, resilient, skilled, flexible and diverse.

5. Do you agree with priority five: Provide customer-focused value for money services.

6. Are there any other comments you would like us to consider relating to the Integrated Risk Management Plan 2018-22?