West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service Integrated Risk Management Plan (draft)

Closed 28 May 2018

Opened 16 Apr 2018

Feedback Updated 12 Apr 2019

We Asked

Thank you to everyone who took part in our consultation. All your responses will now be considered to help West Sussex Fire & Rescue Authority to shape our fire service in the future. We will share an update on the responses in the near future.

UPDATE: July 2018

Thank you for your input into the public consultation into the Integrated Risk Management Plan. The document has been discussed at the June meeting of the Environment, Communities and Fire Select Committee.

Final revisions are currently being made and a Cabinet Member Decision on the final document will be made in the next few weeks. We will update the page when that decision is made.


The Fire & Rescue Service has a statutory duty to consult on, and publish, a 3-5yr ‘Integrated Risk Management Plan’ (IRMP). This is an analysis of the current and projected risk profile in the county and how the Fire & Rescue Service is organised to support local communities through a combination of prevention, protection and emergency response activities.

In Spring 2018, the service sought the views of the wider community on the WSFRS analysis of risks and its approach to risk management planning in a public consultation. Respondents were asked to complete an online public consultation and give any additional comments.


You Said

Of the 209 online responses received:

61% said they agreed with priority one and 39% said they disagreed

68% said they agreed with priority two and 32% said they disagreed

65% said they agreed with priority three and 35% said they disagreed

68% said they agreed with priority four and 32% said they disagreed

50% said they agreed with priority five and 50% said they disagreed

Additional written responses were received from Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service, The FBU, RFU and FOA.

We Did

The feedback to the consultation was considered at a meeting of the Environment, Communities and Fire Select Committee in June 2018 who voted to pass the IRMP by seven votes to three.

Having considered the feedback from the consultation and the views of the Environment, Communities and Fire Select Committee, the Cabinet Member for Safer, Stronger Communities endorsed and agreed to adopt the IRMP 2018-22 in Summer 2018. It has been published on West Sussex County Council’s website here https://www.westsussex.gov.uk/media/11698/wsfrs_integrated_risk_man_plan.pdf


a fire marshal at the scene of a fire wearing an incident safety officer tabard

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (WSFRS) is seeking the views of the wider community on its draft Integrated Risk Management Plan.

The Fire & Rescue Service has a statutory duty to consult on and publish the plan.

It identifies and assesses all forseeable fire and rescue related risks that could affect our community.

Once we have identified these risks, we look at the resources we have in place and the activity we need undertake to meet these risks and develop plans to improve safety.

We have set out in this document what integrated risk management planning is, why we do it and what we propose we will deliver in the next three to five years.

This new plan covers the period 2018-22. This plan, and the action plans that will follow, reflect up to date risk analysis and evaluates how we will respond.

The plan outlines:

  • Prevention – educating the community on how to reduce risks through safe and well visits, school visits and other training.
  • Protection – providing safer public spaces within the built environment, fire safety inspections and enforcement.
  • Response – sending fire engines and firefighters to emergency incidents. This can include fires, road traffic collisions, flooding etc.
  • People – how we address the challenges we face in delivering a highly trained, diverse workforce.
  • Customer centred and value for money – ensuring everything we do is as efficient as possible and what our communities need.
  • Partnership and collaboration – how we will work with other organisations to achieve our organisational aims.

The plan also highlights a number of challenges we are facing. To deliver the plan we will set up four boards: Service Delivery, People and Culture, Integration and Collaboration and Customer Centred Value for Money, to deliver the change identified in our action plans and to monitor our progress.

We will measure our progress in these boards against project and programme mile stones as well using our key performance indicators to measure success.

The IRMP provides a detailed understanding of our communities and the risks they face. It also takes into account wider issues outside of West Sussex including national risks, to develop national resilience capabilities that are available to support our service when dealing with major incidents that stretch normal resource such as major flooding.

Please note: The Integrated Risk Management Plan (draft) is below, along with a summary document to enable you to provide your answers and comments. In addition to this, there are further reading materials including our annual statement of assurance to enable you to understand this further and these are listed at the bottom of this page.

You can submit your views by completing the questionnaire online (link below) or in writing:

IRMP public consultation, Communications Team, West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service, County Hall, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1RG

If you require this information in an alternative format, please email yourfireservice@westsussex.gov.uk. or telephone us on 01243 777100

For related documents see below.


What Happens Next

The consultation closes on Monday 28 May. A report on the consultation feedback will be presented to the Environment, Communities and Fire Select Committee on 19 June.

After considering the report and listening to the views of the Select Committee, the WSCC Cabinet Member for Safer, Stronger Communities will make a formal decision whether to adopt and publish the Integrated Risk Management Plan 2018-22.



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