Worthing Community Hub

Closed 24 Sep 2018

Opened 8 Aug 2018

Feedback Updated 16 Apr 2019

We Asked

We believe that by bringing together services under one roof we will be able to provide a more efficient, effective and sustainable service. We aksed you for your ideas and opinions about potentially working together with others to do this.

You Said

From the feedback of 115 online respondents:

  • 60.87% of online respondents agreed with bringing the Children and Family Centre into Worthing Library.
  • 62.61% of online respondents agreed with bringing the Find It Out Centre into Worthing Library. 
  • 60% of online respondents agreed with bringing in the Registration Services into Worthing Library.

You told us some of benefits of doing this were:

  • "Sounds really sensible. Opportunity to improve broader access to direct services”
  • “We appreciate the opportunity to discuss this- feels like you really care!”
  • “Good idea to protect services lots under one roof is good”

You told us some of your concerns which were:

  • Outdoor space for the Children and Family Centre
  • Reduced book stock in the library
  • Issues with noise

We Did

We have addressed concerns raised in the pre-engagement consultation and outlined our prosalsfor a community hub in the second phase of this consultation.  Answers to many of the queries raised were answered in the 'related documents' section of Phase 2 of this consultation, which also inlcuded artist impressions of what a new hub could look like. 


This consultation has now finished. If you are looking for phase 2 of the Worthing Community Hub consultation please visit this page.

We are taking a fresh look at how we offer services to the Worthing community, including the library, children and family centre and registration services.

We are looking at whether we could bring together all three services into one community hub in the library building in Richmond Road.

Bringing a range of services together in one space could cut down on travel and make life easier for a range of users of the various services including parents of young children needing different support.

The library building was opened in 1974 and there have been lots of changes over the years, but this project has offered the opportunity for the county council to do a much larger scale review of how this significant community space in the heart of the town is used.

Last year the county council looked at a new way of using Findon Children and Family Centre by joining it up with Findon Library.

Flexible book shelving was introduced into the library to enable the space to be used by different services when the library is not open. The children and family centre now delivers their full programme from the library and visits have increased by 85% since operating the new co-located service.


Why We Are Consulting

This new project in Worthing is proposing to join up services and create a thriving community space – and we want your ideas on how you would like to see this work!

Other ideas for a community hub are not limited to but could include support for young people, an outside area, better links to the museum next door, areas for start-up businesses to access and even a community kitchen.

An ideas zone has been created at the library especially for people to add their ideas and to see the ideas other people have come up with. People can also share thier ideas and comment on the proposals by taking part in the online survey below. 

Alternatively, the Ideas Zone Leaflet attached below can be downloaded, completed and posted in the blue boxes provided for this purpose at Worthing Library, the Children and Family Centres in Lyndhurst Road and Crescent Road, or the Worthing FindItOut centre in Marine Place. .

People can have their say on the ideas until Monday 24 September.

If you would like this information in an alternative format them please contact us via email at worthingcommunity@westsussex.gov.uk, on 01243 777100, or via NGT Text Relay 18001 01243 777100.

What Happens Next

We will consider all your ideas and come up with some options opon which we will consult for the future.



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