Worthing Community Hub Phase 2

Closed 10 Dec 2018

Opened 29 Oct 2018

Feedback Updated 7 Jun 2019

We Asked

West Sussex County Council is bringing forward proposals to bring together a number of services under one roof at Worthing Library to create a community hub.

The project will deliver a more efficient, effective and sustainable service involving the library service, registration services, children and family service and youth services.

From October to December 2018, the service undertook a public consultation asked whether they agreed with the proposal.

You Said

We asked people to agree or disagree with the statement: We would like to proceed with the proposal for moving services into Worthing Library. These include: Children Services provided in Footprints Children and Family centre, Crescent Road, to Worthing library, Youth services provided in Worthing Find it Out Centre to Worthing library and Registration services provided in Portland house to Worthing Library. 

A total of 226 responses were received in the public consultation.

  • 69% (156 people) either strongly agreed or agreed with the statement
  • 9% (20 people) said they neither agreed nor disagreed
  • 22%  (50  people) either disagreed or strongly disagreed

We Did

Having considered the feedback from the consultation, a decision was agreed to proceed with the plans and to allocate £3 million to this progress the community hub.

We are now taking forward detailed designs with WSCC’s appointed partner Faithful & Gould.

As part of the next step of the process we will address points raised in the public consultation. While it may not be possible to address everybody’s concerns and suggestions, as many aspects as possible will be incorporated.

The issues raised were:

* How will you manage noise in the building? 

The layout designs will be carefully considered to ensure elements such as noise, confidentially, lighting and accessibility are a priority. This is particularly important in certain parts of the building where services will require privacy to carry out appointments.

* Please don’t reduce the book stock too much.

There will be no reduction in the stock of books for loan.

* Can there be a garden?

Yes, we’ve incorporated a garden into the design.

* Will there be zoning so everybody has their own space?

Yes, the building will be zoned. Space will also be used flexibly at different times as required.

* Can you ensure that there is privacy for people registering a death?

Yes, this is a key design requirement.

* Will there be space to be who you are if you are noisy or quiet?

Yes. The space will be flexible. There will be parts of the building that will be more active than others, which is already the case in libraries and Children and Family Centres. The new Hub will offer quiet study space as well as room for activities such as ‘rhyme time’.

* The name is not right. The public express concerns ‘community hub’ as this sounds busy. 

A name hasn’t yet been chosen, so we’re using this as a working title. Local residents will be involved in working out how we brand the new facility, with the most important factor being that everyone knows the services they can access inside.


In August and September we asked you for ideas about moving some council services under one roof at Worthing Library.

These services were the Children and Family Services provided at Footprints in Crescent Road, the Registration Services provided in Portland House and the youth services provided in the Find it Out Centre.

From the feedback of 115 online respondents:

  • 60.87% of online respondents agreed with bringing the Children and Family Centre into Worthing Library.
  • 62.61% of online respondents agreed with bringing the Find It Out Centre into Worthing Library. 
  • 60% of online respondents agreed with bringing in the Registration Services into Worthing Library.

You told us some of benefits of doing this were:

  • "Sounds really sensible. Opportunity to improve broader access to direct services”
  • “We appreciate the opportunity to discuss this- feels like you really care!”
  • “Good idea to protect services lots under one roof is good”

You told us some of your concerns which were:

  • Outdoor space for the Children and Family Centre
  • Reduced book stock in the library
  • Issues with noise

We have addressed concerns raised in the pre-engagement consultation in the 'related documents' section below. You can also find FAQs below.

Artist impressions have been included of what the space could look like are also in 'related documents' below. Please note: no final decisions have been made as to the design yet.

Why We Are Consulting

We believe that by bringing together services under one roof we will be able to provide a more efficient, effective and sustainable service.

We have completed a feasibility study reviewing the options to update and change the library building. This has shown that it is possible to refurbish the library to create new spaces that would accommodate the additional services, including rooms for children & family centre activities, youth service provision and offices for birth and death registration.

We now need to formally consult with residents to gain their approval for us to progress the plans to the next stage, which would include commissioning work to change the library building and planning timescales for moving the additional services in.

We would now like to progress with a proposal to move Footprints Children and Family Centre (Worthing – Crescent Road site), Worthing Find It Out centre and Worthing Registration Services into Worthing Library.

You can take part in the survey below. Alternatively, you can download the attached paper copy of the consultation and post it in the blue boxes provided for this purpose at Worthing Library, the Children and Family Centres in Lyndhurst Road and Crescent Road, or the Worthing FindItOut centre in Marine Place.

People can have their say on the ideas until Monday 10 December.

If you would like this information in an alternative format them please contact us via email at worthingcommunity@westsussex.gov.uk or on 01243 777100.  If or you are deaf or have difficulty hearing and have downloaded the NGT Text Relay app on your PC, laptop or smartphone, you can contact us on 18001 01243 777100.

What Happens Next

We will consider all the consultation responses and publish next steps.


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