Coronavirus Pandemic Resident Survey May 2020

Closed 31 May 2020

Opened 15 May 2020

Feedback updated 19 Aug 2020

We asked

We asked  our residents to tell us about their experience of the Coronavirus pandemic in May 2020  to help us understand:

  • the impact the pandemic was having on our residents
  • how our communications were landing and how we could improve these in future
  • which services our residents viewed as important for recovery
  • if there were any gaps in self-reported need for community hub support
  • how residents feel about the County Council's response
  • what (if any) areas needed further insight

You said

We received a whopping 17,455 responses to our survey.  Thank you  very much to everyone who took the time to participate.

Key findings from this project have been highlighted in the results section  (bleow) and are available in.our Residents' Survey- Coronavirus (COVID-19) Results Summary report

In their responses, our residents told us about the following issues:

  • their main concerns 
  • the impact of the pandemic on finances,  jobs, lifestyles, diet, and mental and physical health.
  • whether or not they were getting the help and support they felt they needed.
  • what activities they engaged in during 'lockdown'
  • their positive experiences, such as spending more time with family, feeling a   greater part of the community, and noticing a positive impact on their local environment.
  • how they used different information channels and what  services they would like more information about  
  • that they wanted to know more about local COVID-19 outbreaks and  access data about the number of cases in their local areas.


We did

The survey and data analysis has helped to inform a number of actions including:

  • the sharing of details of those in need of help and support with our communities team for follow-up,
  • using the feedback to help improve our communication strategy - see #KEEPWESTSUSSEXSAFE
  • sharing anonymised data with other internal service areas (e.g. Public Health,  Highways, Economy, and the Sustainability Team) to help inform future planning
  • sharing anonymised  location-related data with external organisations such as district and borough councils to help increase their understanding and inform future planning
  • the County Council has now created a  West Sussex COVID-19 Local Outbreak Control Plan webpage which includes a detailed weekly report on the number of confirmed cases in each district and borough council area.

Results updated 19 Aug 2020

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our Coronavirus Pandemic Survey in May 2020. We are thrilled to announce have received 17,455 responses. We are very pleased to have received so many responses and are now in a position to share the survey results with you.

Here are some of our key findings:

* Community connection:   48% of our survey respondents said the Coronavirus pandemic had a positive impact on how connected they felt to their local community. A further 28% of respondents reported no impact, whilst around 23% reported a negative impact.

* Your financial situation:  33% (around a third of all those participating in our survey) said their financial situation had been negatively impacted by the pandemic.  Just over a third (36%) of our respondents reported a negative impact on their job.

* Mental health:  Almost half the people in our survey (49%) said they experienced a negative impact on their mental health, and 30% said they were concerned about the impact of Coronavirus on their mental health in the future, and 6% said they needed help or support with their mental health but were not getting it. However, 15% were not at all concerned about their mental health and 12% of respondents reported the pandemic had resulted in a positive impact on this.

* Access to healthcare/medicine/dental care:  More than half of respondents (57%) reported a negative impact on access to healthcare, medicine or dental care and 53% reported being concerned about the impact of the pandemic on their access to these services in the future. However, 31% said they experienced no impact, and 5% of respondents reported on a positive impact on their access to healthcare, medicine or dental care.

* Education:  Just under a third of our respondents (31%) reported a negative impact on their child’s/children’s education or schooling and 32% reported being concerned about the impact of Coronavirus on education in the future.  21% reported no impact on their child’s education/schooling, but around 4% reported a positive impact.  34% commented they did not know or said this question did not apply to them.

* Lockdown activities:  Overall, gardening was the most often reported ‘lockdown activity’ reported by our respondents (65%), followed by spending time on social media and reading books (both 52%), although there were variations by age. For example, whilst all groups reported spending time on social media within their top three activities, gardening was the top activity for those aged 45 and over (64-73% across those age groups), helping their children to learn at home was the most often reported activity for 35-44 year olds (69%), baking/cooking tops for 25-34 year olds (69%) and watching TV/streaming and time on social media came a close second (70% and 68% respectively) for those aged 16-24.

* More of our residents are using online video meeting software:  72% of you told us you had started using online video meeting software, or had increased your use of it since the pandemic began.

For further headline results, please see our  Residents' Survey - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Results Summary below.




In these difficult and unprecedented times, it is crucial that we keep connected with how our residents are feeling about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It is important that we have a good understanding of how you are interpreting national guidance, how the pandemic is impacting your life and your use of our services in West Sussex, and the concerns that you may have during this time and when looking at the future. 

We are grateful for your time in completing this survey, which should take no-longer than 10-15 mintues to complete. The responses you provide will be used by West Sussex County Council to help inform our response to Coronavirus going forward.  

Please note, when we refer to the coronavirus pandemic throughout the survey, we mean the current Coronavirus pandemic, caused by COVID-19.  


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