Application for Consultation/Engagement Quality Assurance or Research Governance Approval

Closes 6 Jan 2025

Opened 17 Jan 2019


Consultation, Engagement and Research in West Sussex

The County Council uses a set of Quality Assurance and Research Governance processes to ensure consultation, engagement and research projects are robust, efficient and meet at least minimum legal, methodological and ethical requirements. Our Annual Governance Statement provides more details of this.

Any research involving adults using social care services, their carers or social care staff will need to be approved before it starts. This is a requirement of the UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research (HRA, 2017).

Arrangements for external students or organisations

If you are a student or an external organisation wishing to undertake consultation, engagement or research which involves residents or staff of West Sussex County Council, your project is likely to need to be approved before commencing. 

Please contact us at to seek further advice on whether approval is needed.

How do I apply to have my research approved?

You can apply for Quality Assurance or Research Governance for your project by clicking on the link provided below, providing your project details and then submitting your Consultation Quality Assurance and Research Governance Application Form to us.  Please attach any requested information  at the appropriate point in the application form where it is available to do so (e.g. Unviersity Ethical Approval, Project timetable etc.).

What happens next?

An Officer will be allocated to your project and we will respond to your application within 5 working days of submission.

Once approval has been gained you are free to commence the work in accordance with the information that you have submitted in your application. If you decide to change any element of what you are doing, or add a new element, you should let us know.

You can contact us at any time via our email address which is

If you require this information in an alternative format, please contact us on 03302222146.  If you are deaf or hard oif hearing and you have an NGT app installed on your mobile phone, laptop or personala computer, you can contact us on 18001 03302222146.


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