SEND Mediation and Disagreement Resolution

Closed 5 Jul 2019

Opened 31 May 2019

Results expected 24 Mar 2020

Feedback expected 31 Mar 2020


The SEND Code of Practice 2014 states that local authorities must commission an impartial and independent SEND mediation, disagreement resolution service. This must be on offer to families for free.

According to IPSEA’s website, “Mediation is a less formal way of trying to settle the dispute between [parent carer/young person] and the LA. It involves a meeting between [parent carer/young person’], the LA and in independent mediator, who will try to help you reach agreement on the points of dispute.”

Mediation could be used to resolve disagreements on:

  1. performance of duties;
  2. SEN provision;
  3. disagreement over health and social care provision; and
  4. disagreements between health commissioners and local authorities.

Why We Are Consulting

West Sussex County Council is reviewing our current commissioning arrangments for SEND Mediation and Disagreement Resolution to ensure:

  • delivery of good quality of mediation;
  • reviewing service specifications;
  • ensuring we can deliver a timely service to parent carers and young people; and
  • continue to meet an increase in demand needs for SEND Mediation.

We are therefore asking mediation service providers to complete our questionnaire with some information about the services they offer. This information will be used by the West Sussex County Council in order to better understand the SEND mediation service offers that are currently available in our locality’


What Happens Next

Results will support and inform the service specficications.

If a provider would like to bid for the SEND Mediation Contract this will be made available from September 2019 on the Intend Portal.


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