'Supporting Lives Connecting People' - Survey

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Closes 11 Aug 2017


Which of the following best describes you? Please tick all the boxes that apply.

How much do you agree or disagree with each of the following suggestions about the way the County Council will work with you to provide adult social care.

The County Council should speak to more people at an earlier stage about their social care needs
The County Council should talk to people in places closer to where they live. For example at a local community centre
The County Council should support people to be as independent as possible
The County Council should support people to connect with activities in their local community

If you have any further comments, please use the box below.

Think about your local community and the things that are available. How far do you agree or disagree that there are enough of the following services and activities available locally.

Social groups and activities
Leisure facilities, such as sports and recreational.
Volunteering opportunities
Public transport
Community transport

If you can think of anything that is not available locally that would be helpful to you, please tell us in the box below.

We are thinking about holding regular sessions in local places such as libraries or community centres. We would use these to talk to people about their social care needs, or those of a family member or friend. Please tell us how important each of the following things would be to you in deciding whether to attend a session.

I can book a timed appointment
I can drop in without needing an appointment
Sessions are held at different times during the day
I can come in the evening
Sessions are always held in the same location

If you have any further comments, please use the box below:

If you have any other general comments about this approach you would like to consider, please use the box below:

Information about you 

We want to make sure we treat everyone fairly and equally and that our services are free from discrimination and prejudice. We also want to make sure that we get the views of as many different people as possible. To help us do this we would be grateful if you would answer the questions below. You do not have to provide the information but it would help us if you do.

Which of the following best describes your gender?

What is your age?

What is your ethnic group?

What is your religion?

Do you consider yourself to have a disability or long-term illness?

Are you, or have you ever been in the UK Armed Forces? This includes part-time service, such as the Territorial Army.

Which of the following best describes your sexuality?

Please enter the first four digits of your post code in the box below. (This is to provide us with information about the local area rather than your location).

You might want to share more information about what you have told us in this survey. If so, please let us know by contacting James Ironside by phone on 033022 22534 (calls charged at local rate) or by email at james.ironside@westsussex.gov.uk. We will pass your details on to Healthwatch West Sussex who will contact you. Healthwatch is a consumer champion for health and social care. It is independent of the County Council and the NHS.