Survey of all members - the value and purpose of CLCs

Closed 12 Jul 2019

Opened 7 Jun 2019


Governance Committee has set up a working group to review County Local Committees to report in the Autumn. The group is keen to gather the views of all members. The working group’s aims are to: 

  • Review the purpose, role and effectiveness of CLCs
  • Review the Council’s approach to community engagement and development in the community, to include support to the member role in the community
  • Explore opportunities for savings

 The members of the working group are: Paul High (Chairman), Andrew Barrett-Miles, Kevin Boram, Hilary Flynn, Morwen Millson, Carol Purnell and Brenda Smith.  



  • Adur District
  • Arun District
  • Chichester District
  • Crawley Borough
  • Horsham District
  • Mid Sussex District
  • Worthing Borough


  • Elected Members/Councillors


  • Democracy