Choices for the Future

Closed 31 May 2018

Opened 4 May 2018


West Sussex County Council provides a range of adult social care services. These include day centres, residential homes and a Shared Lives scheme. Some are provided directly by us – these are referred to as ‘In-house services’ and others are provided in partnership with other organisations.

We want to improve the choice and control people have through the way they are supported in our In-house Services - both now and in the future. We want to build on people’s strengths, support them to be part of their community and ensure they can be as independent in their daily lives as possible.

Residents have shared their views on proposals to change West Sussex County Council’s Adults’ in-house social care services. The county council launched its Choices for the Future survey at the beginning of May to offer residents, staff, people who use the services and their families and carer’s the opportunity to have their say on the future model of services.

More than 450 people have completed the survey with 92% of those who took part supporting the principles of the service proposals. 46% of respondents agreed with the detailed proposals themselves, whilst 37% disagreed, and the remaining 17% were unsure.

 In addition to the survey, 190 people attended 14 sessions to hear the views of families and carers. A further 20 sessions was held with 210 current users of the in-house services.

The documents below detail the findings from the engagement on the service proposals described in the Choices for the Future booklet. These documents are:

•        a summary report;

•        appendix A – detailed analysis of the public survey and;

•        appendix B – set of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)  

Please take a look at the report booklet which describes the main findings of the recent period of engagement. This is also available at the bottom of this page under 'related documents' along with a downloadable copy of the survey.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Below are 3 videos we would like to share with you that provide great examples of some of the services we provide and gives an indication of what you can expect from all of our services in the future.

1. Burnside - Out in the community: A video following some of the people that use our Burnside service and the way they spend their time out in the community:

2. Shaw Healthcare - Day Service at Burley's Wood: A video showcasing one of the older people day services currently being delivered by our partner Shaw Healthcare in Crawley:

3. Shared Lives - Loraine and Keith: A video following Loraine and Keith who came together via the Shared Lives service:


We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the engagement activities and for giving their time to feedback on the service proposals.

The main themes in the feedback were that people wanted a flexible, responsive service; a recognition of individual needs; and the importance of allowing enough time to plan any changes with the people who use the services so that any impact they may experience would be managed effectively.

All of the responses are being considered prior to a decision being taken.

Letters have gone out to people who use the services, their families and carers to let them know the feedback is now available. Once published the decision report will be made available on the county council’s website and communicated widely to everyone.

If you would like more copies of this booklet or need this information in another format such as easy read, in large print, on audio or in another language please contact Hu Evans on 03302 2 23739 or e-mail




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