Starting School Questionnaire 2019/2020

Closed 1 May 2020

Opened 7 Oct 2019


As professionals working with young children and their families, we want to support all children to make the best start to their school life. This starts by you selecting the schools you would like your child to attend and then applying for a school place for your child.

We also want to work together to enable the transition to school to be as smooth as possible for your child. Completing this questionnaire will provide us with information about any concerns you have about your child starting school so that we can provide any information and support that might help you and your child.

The deadline to apply for a school place for a child starting primary school in September 2020 is 15th January 2020. To apply for a school place, or for more information on applying, please see the information on our website at:

Please note: this questionnaire is not linked to the school application process. You will also need to apply for a school place before the deadline to enable your preferences for your child’s school to be considered.

The information that you provide in this form will be shared with your child’s early years setting and the Integrated Prevention and Earliest Help Service, which includes the Healthy Child Programme Team.

We recommend that you speak to your child’s school, once you have been offered a place, regarding any long term health conditions, or any other concerns you have about your child starting school, so that they can plan ahead to meet your child’s needs.

Any information that you share on this form will be reviewed and a member of our team may contact you by phone to discuss your child’s health or wellbeing as they prepare for school.

The form, and the information included, will be kept on your child’s records and information will be used to support you and your child, as well as to identify patterns in support needs across the county.

This questionnaire is part of the West Sussex “School Readiness Integrated Review”. For more information, please see our website: You can contact your local Children and Family Centre or the Healthy Child Programme.

For more information about how West Sussex County Council uses this data a copy of the Privacy Notice can be found at


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