Special school nursing student survey

Closed 4 Nov 2019

Opened 2 Oct 2019


This survey is for children and young people who go to a special school, and have a special school nurse. Angie Fudge , the new WellChild Clinical Lead for Special School Nursing in Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust , would like to hear your views as young people on what you like about the Special School Nursing service, and anything you think could be improved. Angie would like to know what school nursing is like now in your school, and any ideas you have for the future . If you need this survey in an alternative format, such as Easy Read or symbols, please contact Rachel Sadler 07734000401. Rachel.sadler@westsussex.gov.uk

Why We Are Consulting

Your views will help Angie and the Special School Nursing service to improve the service you get in school, based on what you, your parents and carers, and your schools think. We would like to know what you think is important , what is working well , and what could be better.

What Happens Next

All comments and views will be used anonymously ( without using your name or details of your school etc.) We will publish the results of the survey and post updates on the development of the Special School Nursing service on this website.


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