Short Breaks Parent Carer survey

Closes 28 Jan 2020

About your family and your child/young person

Data Protection/Privacy Statement


The SEND Commissioning Team will use this survey to collect some personal information about you in order to comply with a legal obligation and  in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller to commission short breaks.  The data we collect will be processed in accordance with the 2018 Data Protection Act, the General Data Protection Regulations and any subsequent  data legislation. The County Council will securely store this data electronically for a period of up to 7  years before destroying it appropriately. The data will not be kept for any longer than necessary and will not be used for any other purpose without your prior written permission.   The data will be anonymised before it is shared with team members or written up in any report on the survey findings.  West Sussex County Council is registered as Data Controller (Reg. No. Z6413427). For further details and information about our Data Controller, please see

The following questions help us to understand a bit more about you; the families filling in this survey . Knowing some details about your family helps us to build up a picture of who uses short breaks, and commission better services to meet the needs of families.  

1. How old is your child/young person?
2. Do you have any other children in the family?
3. What is your full postcode?

We use this information to help us look at provison of services across different areas of the county. You do not  have to answer this question,  if you would prefer not to.