SEND Young Inspectors project name

Closed 26 Jul 2018

Opened 22 Jun 2018


'Young Inspectors' is the working title for a new project for young people with SEND to give their feedback and be part of improving services in West Sussex. This team of young people are supported in their work by our SEND Participation Lead, Rachel. Rachel works with both the SEND Commissioning Team and IPEH (integrated prevention and earliest help) Service to support the voice of young people.  We think the project needs a name that describes what we're doing and is more appealing to young people and services.

Why We Are Consulting

The team of young people who will be going out to visit services are looking for a name for the project. They have come up with a shortlist but now we need your help to choose the final name! 

It is important to us that the work we do represents all young people with SEND, so we want to hear from as many young people and their parent carers as we can.

What Happens Next

The name with the most votes will be used for the project. The team of young people will then design their own publicity including a picture that represents the project. The results and a link to the project and any updates will be made available through  the Your Space blog and out Local Offer page .


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