Make Your Mark in West Sussex - Tutor Version

Closed 8 Oct 2019

Opened 23 Aug 2019


Why We Are Consulting

Make Your Mark is the biggest youth consultation to take place each year. It is the chance for young people to vote on issues that affect you in your areas as well as nationally.

Decisions that affect things like your education, healthcare and transport are made by different groups of people depending on where you live in the UK. The power to make some decisions is shared between the UK Parliament in London, the Scottish Parliament, the Assemblies in Northern Ireland and Wales, and some Mayors in England (Devolved issues). However, other decisions that affect all of the UK can only be made by the UK Parliament in London (UK issues).

Take this opportunity to have your say and get voting

Please note you must be between the ages of 11-18 to vote.

What Happens Next

Once the results have been confirmed we will publish them for you to see.

The final topics are what the West Sussex Youth Cabinet and UK Youth Parliament members will work on for their campaigns in 2020.


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