Traffic Speed Management in Downview Road Felpham

Closed 30 Sep 2016

Opened 5 Sep 2016

Feedback Updated 29 Nov 2016

We Asked

The consultation

This is intended as a follow up to my last communication to indicate how we intend to act following your comments and opinions to move forward with the scheme.

You Said

A majority of responses thought we had the right amount of features, however, a large minority felt that there were too many.  Features 3 and 8 were the least popular.  Some of these comments thought that the features were too intrusive, would impede buses and were not suited to the road. We have heard these views and will look to reduce the number of features slightly and to limit their impact on the ordinary road user whilst still reducing the speed of the faster motorists.

Other Roads, including Wroxham Way and Outerwyke Road were of concern to many people who responded.  The concerns raised were sensible and therefore we will look to ensure that the final scheme reflects these concerns and whether we can do something about the speeds here.  We shall undertake a speed measurement in Wroxham Way in particular to understand what the current situation is so look out for my little box on the roadside.

We Did

We will now prepare another more detailed design taking into account what we have heard.  When this is ready I will send out a card and invite you to take a look online at the proposals and invite your comments and opinion before I move to a final construction proposal.

Again my thanks to you for taking part in the survey.

Results Updated 3 Oct 2016

Downview Road Consultation Results

The consultation

This consultation closed on the 30 September after running for approximately 4 weeks.


485 invitations were sent out by post and an email with the link was also issued out and copied on.  The response of 90 completed questionnaires measured against the postal invitation only gives a 19% response.  Only 1 response identified as from being outside the target zone of roads.

Using this measure slightly over 50% of all the responses came from Downview Road residents and approximately 55% of households in Downview Road responded.

Support for the scheme

66% of the responses supported the scheme feeling it would be of benefit in some way, 34% did not support the measures.

Number of Features

50% of responses thought we had the right amount of features, however, 45% thought there were too many.  Features 3 and 8 were the least popular.

Your comments

43% of responses were concerned with roads surrounding Downview Road and the issues being experienced there now or fear of the effect should the Downview scheme go ahead.  Many of you were concerned about the speed of traffic and of the traffic associated with the local schools.  Concern was highest for Wroxham Way, Outerwyke Road and Whitelands.  A common theme was the concern raised for the safety of school children walking or cycling to school and crossing the road and to a slightly lesser extent, difficulties with access to driveways.

Our Response to your comments

 Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to respond to the consultation.  I have read all of your comments, in some cases several times and having seen that there are common themes to your concerns.  I will now use these concerns to help us make decisions when progressing the scheme.

Although a majority of you though we had the scheme about right a large minority thought there were a few too many features.  I looked at the responses of  those of you who were selective in your view and found some commonly unpopular features. I will look into this and see if a compromise can be found.

Your worries regarding surrounding roads mirror our own concerns and one we have already been looking into. 

Going forward

These results will be published to all responders who left an email address, to the WSCC consultation hub and local elected members.

Over the next 4 weeks or so we will look into and analyse the results of the consultation.  We will put together a plan going forward which will be published to the same stakeholders as above.


As a part of the Blakes Mead housing works the developer has agreed to fund a number of measures to reduce the impact of the development on Felpham Village.


The Fourth phase of the measures proposed is to reduce the speed of traffic in Downview Road.  The proposal is to install a number of speed reduction cushions along the road, the minium length of these cushions is 6m, this allows cars to pass without damage and buses to cross without too much discomfort to passengers..

Residents in the local area will receive a copy of the letter below:


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Why We Are Consulting

At a public meeting in October 2015 local residents and businesses expressed concern about elements of the Felpham Relief Road mitigation measure proposals.  In response, the Director of Highways and Transport stated that a wider consultation would be undertaken before any works were reprogrammed.

Overall the purpose of these proposals is to reduce traffic speeds in your road with the eventual aim of establishing a 20mph speed limit across the village.  20mph limits may only be placed in areas where the traffic speeds are already low but in Downview Road traffic is travelling at speeds well in excess of the current speed limit.

The design for Downview Road is at the concept stage and will need some more work to make it a viable plan, however, we have undertaken to discuss the plans with you at this stage to enable us to take your comments and include any common themes into the developing final design.

We are seeking views on the available options from various stakeholders/parties who are resident in Downview Road or are likely to use this road as a regular access route in order to gain a full understanding of the needs and impacts of the options being put forward.  All views will be considered carefully and will be used to help inform the decision-making process around the final design for Downview Road.


Here are the plans of the proposal to be developed;


Drawing 1:  285358AA-HHL-DD-Downview Rd_019-RevA

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Drawing 2:  285358AA-HHL-DD-Downview Rd_020-RevA

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Drawing  3:  285358AA-HHL-DD-Downview Rd_021-RevA

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Image of Downview Road, Felpham

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Please note:  This consultation is unsuitale for children and yound people under the age of 11 without parental consent.

What Happens Next

The results from this consultation will be interpreted and used to provide guidance in preparing the detailed design for the road. 


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