Staff Travel Survey 2017

Opens 1 Sep 2017

Closes 30 Sep 2017


A Travel Plan is a package of meaures that promote and incentivise active and sustainable travel choices for commuting and business travel. They are commonly used by employers to manage travel and parking demands, and to help attract and retain staff.

Travel Plans are often planning requirements for new employment and residential developments. They are not 'anti-car' policies but aim to challenge the assumption that car use - and particulalry single occuancy car use - is the best or only option.

Why We Are Consulting

Our Staff Travel Plan launched twenty years ago and offers a range of measures that encourage active and sustainable commuting and business travel. Completing this survey will help us to monitor how the Travel Plan is currently performing, and the impact that the initiatives are having.

This consultation will open on 1 Sep 2017. Please come back on or after this date to give us your views.


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  • West Sussex County Council Staff
  • West Sussex Fire and Rescue Staff


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