Haywards Heath Traffic Calming

Closed 13 Jun 2018

Opened 21 May 2018

Feedback Updated 10 Apr 2019

We Asked

We asked all the frontagers of Queens Road, Church Avenue, Gordon Road and Bridge Road about proposals to introduce speed cushions in Queens Road, a 20mph speed limit in all the roads and a 7.5 tonne weight restriction (except for access) in Queens Road between Mill Green Road and Bridge Road.

You Said

As a result of distributing around 450 letters and drawings and an online Have Your Say webpage we received 88 replies.

From those:

- Regarding the proposed speed cushions, 69 were in favour and 19 against;

- Regarding the 20mph speed limit, 75 were in favour and 13 were against;

- Regarding the 7.5 tonne weight restriction (except for access), 83 were in favour and 5 were against.

(1 paper was returned blank)


We Did

The above responses indicated significant frontager support and we proceeded to Statutory Public Consultation between 30th August and 20th September 2018 and as a result received eight objections and four comments of support. These were reported to the Central and South Mid Sussex County Local Committee at its meeting on 30th October 2018 and they resolved to proceed with the Speed Cushions and 7.5 Tonne weight restriction but to omit the 20mph speed limit. This revised scheme is currently programmed for installation in the present Financial Year i.e. between April 2019 and March 2020.


Haywards Heath Town Council and your local councillors requested WSCC to look at traffic conditions in Queens Road with regard to residents’ concerns about it being used unnecessarily as a cut-through from Sydney Road, the speed of traffic, and the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

As a result in May 2017 we undertook traffic speed and flow surveys which show that average speeds range from 23-26mph with flows of just under 3000 vehicles in each direction on Queens Road over a 24hr/7day period. There were two recorded injury-accidents in the latest 5 years for which information is currently available.

The main aim of the scheme is therefore to slow down and discourage vehicles from using Queens Road as an alternative route to the adjacent B2028 Sydney Road. Because of the Bridge Road Business Park and Haywards Heath Ambulance Station at the eastern end of Queens Road, no features are proposed which would inhibit HGVs and emergency vehicles from reaching the Oathall Road end of the Sydney Road roundabout.

The proposals are outlined on the attached drawing 70039831-DD-701 below.  

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.


The works shown on the drawing are only proposed at this stage and it is important to receive your views on the proposals so that we can be certain that these are supported by the local community before we go ahead.

As we are seeking the views of many people we are not able to reply to individual responses to this consultation.  Please be assured, however, that all feedback we receive will be carefully considered. 

We will also be consulting the Emergency Services, Trading Estate and businesses for their views before proceeding. Subject to the outcome of these informal consultations we will advertise the final proposals by Statutory Public Consultation where people can comment further if they wish. This may take up to 12 months to complete, and if the works subsequently go ahead they would likely be undertaken betweeen April 2019 and March 2020.


  1. In Queens Road, between the Mill Green Road roundabout and Bridge Road, traffic calming in the form of a series of raised speed cushions, with where practicable adjoining extended footway areas. Speed cushions are spaced to allow larger vehicles (e.g. Fire Engines, Delivery Lorries), and cyclists to pass unhindered. These features stop just west of Bridge Road so that the preferred route for traffic to travel to and from the Trading Estate is via the easterly roundabout and Sydney Road. Speed cushions are not proposed in Gordon Road because it is not a through- road, or in Church Road because of its short length.

Please note that the spacing and location of the features shown are determined by National Design Guidance and the layout of the existing Highway. There are numerous driveway accesses along Queens Road, however, we believe we are proposing to locate the features in the optimum positions to avoid obstructing them.

  1. Introducing these features could enable the introduction of a lower 20mph speed limit in Queens Road, Gordon Road, and Church Avenue, indicated by using entry and repeater traffic signs.
  2. The introduction of a 7.5 tonne weight restriction (Except for Access) in Queens Road, between Mill Green Road and Bridge Road, Church Avenue, and Gordon Road, thereby reinforcing the need for HGVs to travel to and from the Bridge Road Trading Estate via the easterly roundabout to Sydney Road.

As the same time the opportunity will be taken to improve the size and shape of the Pedestrian Refuge crossing point at the Mill Green Road junction of Queens Road, whilst being suitably positioned to accommodate vehicular turning movements.

Why We Are Consulting

This is your opporuntity to Have Your Say on the proposals outlined above.

As part of the engagement process we have attempted to deliver a copy of the attached letter to each of the buildings/frontages of the following roads in Haywards Heath:

  • Queens Road
  • Gordon Road
  • Church Avenue
  • Bridge Road.

If you wish to comment please take part in the survey below before 13th June 2018.

If you would like additional paper forms for members of your household or you would like this information in an alternative format, please contact us via telephone on 033 022 26329 or via email at ian.moorey@westsussex.gov.uk



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