Chichester Proposed Parking Management Plan

Closed 31 Mar 2019

Opened 1 Mar 2019

Feedback updated 24 Jul 2020

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Following the responses received to the advertised proposals, County Council officers have undertaken analysis of all of them, and recommended changes to the proposals in the light of those responses.   The officer’s report, and appendices, can be viewed at Decision details on public web site.

To summarise, the Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure has made a decision to proceed with a phased implementation of the PMP as follows:-


Zones A, F (ext), H (ext), N (ext), and S

Implement as advertised with the minor modifications detailed in Appendix C (section 1)


Zones B, C, D, G(ext), I, L(ext), O(ext), P, Q, R, T, U, V, W, X & Y
Implement only certain ‘No waiting at any time’ elements as detailed in Appendix C (section 2)


Further redesign and consultation be undertaken for zones in Phase 1a and the yellow lines only detailed under Phase 1b above.
This is to follow a period of monitoring of parking patterns following phase 1.


Further redesign and consultation be undertaken for the remainder of the zones in Phase 1b) above.
This is to follow a period of longer term monitoring of parking patterns following phase 1, and also to allow for the initial impact of Coronavirus (CV19) upon parking usage to be reviewed.

The formal 'statutory' consultation for the PMP operated from 13th February 2020 for 21 days, and closed on 5th March 2020.
If you still wish to view the details of the advertised Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for the scheme, then details are available at:-


We held an informal public consultation in March 2019. Full details, including an electronic questionnaire response form, were contained on this website and a number of stakeholders were contacted directly via e-mail or by officer attendance at specially arranged meetings. Four drop in sessions were held, each with officers present, and hard copies of all materials were available to view at Chichester Library and the District Council Offices throughout the consultation period. Site notices were erected at key locations and there was also a comprehensive exercise held in the press and via social media.

You said

In total, 1341 questionnaire responses were received, 1252 being online and 89 written. In addition, 39 e-mails and 6 letters were received from the public and 7 stakeholders provided responses. 58% of responses came from within the proposed PMP area.

In brief, there was more support for the principle of introducing a city wide PMP than for the actual detailed proposals, although it is clear that this was by no means a majority view. It is also apparent that residents from within the proposed PMP were more positive on both counts than those living outside the PMP.  Also, a number of key themes/concerns/changes were put forward by respondents during the consultation and these are available to view/download (details below)

We did

A decision has now been made to proceed with a statutory advertisement for the proposals. This is likely to take place in Janauary 2020, but this webpage will be updated in due course.

The officer report and appendices outlining the results of the 2019 consultation can be viewed by selecting (clicking) these documnents to view/download: -


There are growing pressures on the on-street parking space within Chichester. 

The County Council has therefore piloted a new approach that seeks to create a longer term plan to meet current and future on-street parking demands across the city as well as support economic development, improve safety and promote more sustainable forms of transport.

This long term plan, known as the Chichester ‘Road Space Audit’ (RSA) was completed in 2017 and is designed to complement existing statutory plans and emerging studies in respect of transport infrastructure, parking policy and spatial planning.

The Chichester RSA can be viewed by clicking on the link below:


Why we are consulting

In 2018, County Councillors considered the RSA and agreed that one of its recommendations, a proposal for a Parking Management Plan (PMP), should be prepared and shared with the public.   

The Chichester PMP is a method of controlling/managing on-street parking across the entire city and is similar in design and operation to the County Council’s Controlled Parking Zones, of which there are seven currently operating in Billingshurst, Bognor Regis, Chichester, Crawley, East Grinstead, Horsham and Worthing.

The proposed PMP covers the entire city because the County Council would like to be proactive and try and deal with existing and future parking issues in one go. 

A map of the overall proposed Parking Management Plan scheme plan is provided below.  Only those Zones coloured blue form a part of this consultation. 


Map of overall scheme Plan showing proposed ZonesOveral scheme map

Existing Controlled Parking Zones (illusrated above using the colour orange, e.g. Zones E, H, H2, J, K, M) are not being consulted upon at this time as they are periodically reviewed as a matter of course.  More detailed zone maps can be accessed by clicking on the links provided at the bottom of the page and within the online questionnaire below.

If you are not sure which road(s) are located in which zones, please click on the 'Zones by Road Name Lists' provided below.  The link will take you to a  table of Zones in an excel spreadsheet, and each zone will have a list of each of the road names within it. You can click on the different tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to view the different Zone lists.  Reminders of this information are contained within the survey questionnaire. 

The County Council would like the general public to be able to view and comment on the initial PMP proposals. The public consultation begins on Friday 1st March 2019 and ends on the 31st March 2019. In addition to this web page, hard copies of the proposals, the FAQs document and comments form (and a returns box) are available at Chichester Library and Chichester District Council Offices. Some drop-in sessions have also been arranged as detailed under the events section below.

The County Council is keen to stress that no decisions have been made yet and nothing be implemented directly as a result of this consultation. If there is initial support for the proposals, there will be at least one further consultation exercise later in 2019.

With this in mind, please take time to consider the proposals and answer the questions on the following pages.

There is a link to the plan of the proposed PMP avaialble at the 'related' section below, and you can also view details of the individual zones and an FAQs document which provides more detail on how the proposed PMP would work.

What happens next

Council officers and WSP will gather the data and analyse the results.  This will take some time, and officers also need to consider what actions should be proposed in the light of all the responses received.  This could range from making only very minor changes requested by individuals to recommendations to abandon the proposals if there is no evidence of support for proceeding, even if changes were made to the proposals.  If you use this online consultation system, you can register your email contact details and, once the results have been analysed, and again when we can provide a further update, we will send this in an email to you.

Our anticipated timescale for publishing the results is June 2019, and once a decision has been reached on how to proceed, we anticipate publishing that update around July 2019.  It is anticipated this would be followed by a formal advertisement of the Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) that are legally required to implement any PMP proposals.  That will provide the public with a further opportunity to make formal comments on any revised proposals, either in support or against them being implemented.



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