Build a Better A27

Closed 29 Mar 2018

Opened 15 Mar 2018


We would like your thoughts on how we 'Build a Better A27.'

Throughout this survey, each suggestion to improve the current route is graded from 0 to 5 in brackets - based on the impact it will have on traffic flow around the A27 at Chichester.

This is an initial assessment based on available data and is dependent on further work. The next step is to really examine the ideas for their environmental impact, the financial viability, the impact on landscape or local communities and a whole range of other factors that affect how a road improvement is viewed both by the community but also by Highways England in formulating their views on whether a scheme is viable. 

The gradings are based on professional judgment and experience from consultant SYSTRA. They have assessed each suggestion on a scale of the likely contribution to improving the A27 and wider transport network through Chichester.

0 is no or very limited impact and 5 being the largest impact.


Local – local in this context means serving local traffic with additional junctions to allow traffic to come on and off the road

Multi-purpose – serves both local traffic and traffic passing through the area

Strategic – primarily for traffic passing through the Chichester area


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  • Anyone from any background


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