A29 Realignment

Closed 26 Apr 2019

Opened 26 Feb 2019



The A29 realignment scheme is an important part of our vision for Arun District, as outlined in the West Sussex Transport Plan.  The Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership also shares this vision in its Strategic Economic Plan.

The existing A29 currently experiences traffic congestion during peak periods, especially at the Woodgate level crossing.  This has led to unreliable journey times and potentially causing poor air quality.

The Arun Local Plan has identified that the Barnham, Eastergate and Westergate areas would require adidtional infrastructure to support planned, local development.  Therefore West Sussex County Council (WSCC) has commissioned a feasibility study to refine the design presented in the ALP.

Benefits of the proposed scheme

The A29 Realignment scheme will deliver a new 4.34km road to the east of Eastergate, Westergate and Woodgate villages.  The new road is planned to start from the existing A29 Fontwell Avenue, north of Eastergate to the existing A29 Lidsey Road, north of Shripney.

The proposed road will help to provide a more reliable connection to Bognor Regis and reduce traffic along the section of the existing A29 that is proposed to be bypassed, especially at the Woodgate level crossing and the War Memorial junction.

This will improve people’s journeys by reducing journey times and help provide safer journeys for all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists.

The new road will enable access to land that is allocated for development in the adopted Arun Local Plan thereby providing access to new jobs and new homes in Arun District.

Scheme Phases

The scheme will be delivered in two phases. Phase 1 (North) is the northern section from the A29 south of Eastergate Lane to a new junction with Barnham Road. It will be delivered by West Sussex County Council.

Phase 2 (South) is the southern section from Barnham Road to a new junction on the A29 south of Lidsey Bends. The construction of Phase 2 (South) will follow on from Phase 1 (North) and delivery arrangements are being determined through the planning application process for the associated development.

Timeline for Phase 1 (North)

  1. Jan-Dec 2018 Preliminary design and develop business case
  2. February-April 2019: Public consultation

  3. Spring-Autumn 2019: Planning application

  4. Winter 2019-Autumn 2020: Detailed design

  5. Winter 2020: Construction starts

  6. Winter 2021: Construction complete

Timeline for Phase 2 (South)

  1. Spring-Winter 2021: Planning application

  2. Spring 2022-Spring 2023: Detailed design

  3. Spring 2023: Construction starts

  4. Autumn 2025: Construction complete

Why We Are Consulting

We value your ideas and comments on these proposals.  We encourage you to read the consultation documents and respond to West Sussex County Council with your views by downloading and completing the response form or using the on-line survey available on this consultation page.  

Alternatively you can find out more about the proposals by attending one of the drop-in sessions that are taking place in February / March 2019.

Your opinions are important to us all and can influence how the detailed designs are finalised.  The public consultation period is open until 26 April 2019.

If you require this information in an alternative format, please contact us on 01243 642105 or via email on A29Realignment@westsussex.gov.uk. If you are deaf or hard of hearing and have an NGT texting app installed on your computer, laptop or smartphone you can contact us on 18001 01243 642105.   

Please note:

This project is subject to the political process of the County Council and therefore the proposals may change.  We still welcome your feedback and if any changes are made, there will be further opportunity to comment on any revised plans.



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