Consultation on the future of the 3in1 Card scheme

Closed 8 Apr 2016

Opened 12 Feb 2016

Feedback Updated 4 Jan 2017

We Asked

During an eight week public consultation in early 2016 we asked you to rank your preference for the three options below and your preferred timings if any changes were made.

  • Cease the scheme
  • Cease with mitigation for 16-19s on low income
  • Keep the scheme as is

We also asked if you had any further comments or concerns.

The consultation was widely advertised to all 3in1 users, non-card holders, schools, colleges, transport operators and other organisations.

You Said

Over 2,500 responses were received representing 2% of the overall eligible population. 75% of you were existing card holders or parents of card holders.

96% of you ranked keeping the scheme as it is as your first preference, with 1% opting to cease the scheme and 3% opting to cease the scheme with mitigation. Opposition to ending the scheme decreases incrementally when more notice is given.

Many of you also provided additional comments and feedback (summarised in the Decision Report) - the area of greatest concern being the high cost of bus fares for young people.

We Did

We had to look at the cost of running the overall scheme against the number of people who use it (5% of the eligible population) and the ever growing pressures on other areas of our work – especially across our children’s and adults’ services. It was therefore decided that the 3in1 card scheme, which costs £1.2m a year, would cease on 31 December 2016.

We have taken steps to mitigate the loss of the 3in1 card, and have liaised with bus operators, schools and colleges to consider travel concessions in the absence of the scheme. Bus operators are now offering their own discounts for young people and students. Further information on this is available on their websites and at

Students from families assessed as being on a low income can also apply for help with travel costs from the 16-19 Bursary Fund, and should ask at their school or college for further information. Help is also available for young people from low income families aged up to 16 years old (Year 11 and below) subject to eligibility criteria.

All cardholders who have paid the application fee, and have a card with an expiry date after 31 December 2016, will be entitled to a proportional refund of the fee. A letter with further information will be sent to all eligible cardholders by the end of January 2017.

Results Updated 2 Aug 2016




The 3in1 Card scheme offers schoolchildren and further education students aged 5-19 the following three benefits:

  • Cheaper bus fares – 25% to 50% savings for young people on buses at any time they travel.  The discount is in addition to the standard child fare.
  • Proof of age – the card is also a CitizenCard approved photo ID, allowing card holders to prove their age on the bus, when shopping and going out.
  • Discounts – offers at selected shops, leisure venues and attractions


There is an application fee of £50 for the 3in1 Card, which is waived for families assessed as being on a low income, and for children who are being ‘looked after’ by WSCC Children’s Services in residential or fostered accommodation.

Help with Home to School transport (for eligible pupils) is separate from the 3in1 Card scheme and is not part of this consultation.  More information about statutory Home to School transport is available at


Why We Are Consulting

The 3in1 Card scheme is being reviewed in the light of changes to national legislation, local policy and Future West Sussex priorities. The Council is facing increasing financial pressures across all of our services and we have to make some very difficult decisions about how we spend our limited resources.  This consultation will help us to understand the views and priorities people have about the 3in1 Card scheme, and to inform our decisions in the future.

We recently carried out a Young Person’s Travel Survey to gather information and understanding of who is using the scheme and form a picture of their travel needs.  This has helped to shape the proposals below. Further background information on the decision to consult is also available under 'Related Documents' below.

The proposals for the future of the 3in1 Card scheme are:

Option 1:

The 3in1 Card scheme continues in its current format.

Option 2:

The 3in1 Card scheme ceases to operate.  Only statutory home to school transport assistance for eligible pupils would apply.

Option 3:

The 3in1 Card scheme ceases to operate.  Only statutory home to school transport assistance for eligible pupils would apply.  Additional funding would be provided for eligible 16-19 year olds from low income families who are in in full-time further education.

You can find out more information on these proposals in the 'Consultation on the Future of the 3in1 Card Concessionary Travel Scheme for Young People' document below.

To make it easier to read, or to store a copy for your records, you can also download and save this document to your own computer if you wish. Just hover over the top of the document until the 'save' icon appears, and then click on the icon to save it to your computer.


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