Early Years DfE COVID-19 Return 102

Closed 27 May 2020

Opened 25 May 2020


The early years and childcare sector is part of a critical national infrastructure providing care for the children of critical workers and vulnerable children in response to COVID-19.

It is crucial that the government has up-to-date information on what early years and childcare provision exists during the COVID-19 pandemic; which children are accessing it; and any availability or other problems that may be arising.

From Monday 6 April, local authorities have been asked to provide information on the status of the early years and childcare settings in their area. This includes the number of providers currently open and the number of children attending.

In preparation for the broadening of children  accessing early years provision, the DfE has made some changes to the information they require. We no longer need information to be returned by out of school provision. However, we now require a breakdown of vulnerable children who are Children in Need (CIN), have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), or both and other vulnerable children.

We will also be asking you If you are planning to be open next week, whether you are a childminder, a maintained early years provider or any other group based provider. Please make sure you have this information available in order to complete the survey

The survey will be open from Monday each week and will close at midnight on Wednesday, giving you longer to record the information on which children are attending your setting during that week. Reminders will be sent out via the broadcast email. 

We recognise that you will already be incredibly busy, and under significant pressure at this time, so thank you in advance for your co-operation with this process and for the information you are able to provide.


  • Adur District
  • Arun District
  • Chichester District
  • Crawley Borough
  • Horsham District
  • Mid Sussex District
  • Worthing Borough


  • Children
  • Community Organisations
  • Childcare Providers


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