Consultation on School Admission Arrangements for 2019/2020

Closed 15 Jan 2018

Opened 27 Nov 2017

Results expected 28 Feb 2018

Feedback Updated 23 Apr 2018

We Asked

The Council has a statutory duty to consult on admission arrangements each year where there are proposed admission arrangement changes and once every seven years if there are no proposed changes.  We asked for your  views on its proposed admission arrangements for children who will be starting or transferring schools in September 2019. 

You Said

112 of you took part in this survey.

We Did

The Cabinet Member for Education and Skills has:- 

1.     Approved the National Scheme of Co-ordination for starting school and secondary transfer for 2019/2020 and changes to the non-statutory dates.

2.     Agreed the proposal to decrease the Published Admission Number for Lyndhurst Infant School from 120 to 90.

3.     Agreed the proposal to combine the catchment areas of Midhurst CE Primary (Controlled) and Easebourne CE Primary (Controlled) Schools creating a dual catchment area for both schools to enable more appropriate place planning in the area.

4.     Agreed that the proposal to remove the North/South dividing line in the oversubscription criteria for secondary schools in the Horsham Town area is not taken forward at this time, but that it is revisited in the near future when a new mixed secondary school is established.


As the admission authority for community and voluntary controlled schools, West Sussex County Council would like to obtain your views on its proposed admission arrangements for children who will be starting or transferring schools in September 2019. 

This is your opportunity to respond to the scheme of coordination, proposed changes to admission arrangements and published admission numbers (PANs). 

Academies, including free schools, voluntary aided and foundation schools are also required to seek your views if they intend to change their admission arrangements. The County Council will respond to those consultations, ensuring they are in accordance with the School Admissions Code.

A Summary of the Consultation

As the admission authority for community and voluntary controlled schools, West Sussex County Council (WSCC) is required to consult on its admission arrangements for the school year 2019/2020. Governing boards of voluntary aided and foundation schools and Academy Trusts are also required to consult, if they intend to change their admission arrangements from those determined for 2018/2019, with the exception of proposed increases to their admission number. Admission numbers in the list attached to this document for these schools are indicative only and do not prevent any own admission authority school from determining an increase in its admission number.

This consultation document includes proposals about:

• The admission process for 2019/2020 and the timelines for co-ordination (these together form the scheme of coordination);
• Admission numbers for all schools in West Sussex, including where the Local Authority is aware of proposed changes by own admission authority schools.

We are proposing to use the same oversubscription criteria for the majority of community and voluntary controlled schools this year, as for 2018/2019 admissions, with the exceptions included in this document. We have placed the oversubscription criteria in a separate document, for reference purposes, which are available at:

Please respond to this consultation even if you support the arrangements.  The County Council’s admission arrangements will impact the future planning and organisation of schools and therefore, it is important that you take this opportunity to express your views.

In particular, it is important that community and voluntary controlled schools check the proposed admission number for their 2019/2020 intake.  If schools wish to propose an increase in the admission number for entry in 2019, they must register this as part of the consultation.  Once the admission number for a school is published, it is unlikely to be changed unless there is a significant material change to the school such as major building works or there is an unexpected increase in demand for places in the local area. It is not possible to reduce an admission number without full consultation, so it is important that any proposed reduction in admission number for 2020 is registered now for inclusion in next year’s consultation.

Responses to the consultation will be collated and discussed.  Recommendations will then be made to the Cabinet Member for Education and Skills for determination by the 28th February 2018.  The final admission arrangements will be published on the West Sussex website within two weeks of being determined and incorporated into the published information for parents for 2019/2020.



Why We Are Consulting

Admissions authorities must consult with:-
a) Parents of children between the ages of two and eighteen;
b) Other persons in the relevant area  in the opinion of the admissions authority have an interest in the proposed admissions;
c) All other admission authorities within the relevant area;
d) Whichever of the governing body and the local authority who are not the admission authority;
e) Any adjoining neighbouring local authorities where the admission authority is the local authority.

Please remember that we welcome responses from all those who have an interest or role in school admissions, as well as responses from governors who should be made aware of the consultation.

If you have any queries relating to this consultation or would like to request a paper copy of the consultation, please email or telephone 03330142903

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