Draft School Effectiveness Strategy 2018-2022

Closed 25 Jun 2018

Opened 18 May 2018

Feedback Updated 20 Jul 2018

We Asked

For your comments on a four page document that outlined the County Council’s Vision, Principles and Values for Education in West Sussex.

The document proposed aims and objectives for School Organisation and School Improvement which the Education and Skills Directorate will focus on over the next four years. It suggested an approach to build sustainable capacity for school places and incorporated the policy to challenge and support schools to improve by targeting resources, broadening the services that are traded and enabling school-to-school support.

You Said

  • You broadly supported the Vision, Principles and Values.
  • You were concerned about what it might mean for smaller schools in rural parts of West Sussex and wanted more explanation and clarification about what this will mean in practice.
  • You told us how much you value the School Improvement Team, but had concerns about visits reducing or a model that relied on school-to-school support.


We Did

  1. Had additional discussions with School Leaders and Governors on the detail to respond to concerns raised during the consultation period.
  2. Considered all consultation responses and feedback and the final strategy and its implementation will; 
  • Refine our approach to focus on the sustainablity of schools in the rural localities.
  • Increase the minimum number of contacts fro the School Improvment Team to 'good' or 'outstanding' schools.
  • Develop school-to-school suport over time and in partnership. 

Results Updated 20 Jul 2018

Attached is a report summarising the results of the public consultation for the Draft School Effectiveness Strategy 2018-2022, including a response to the key themes.



A new School Effectiveness Strategy is currently being developed which will outline how the County Council will work with education providers over the next four years to ensure that all West Sussex children and young people really do get the best start in life. It will  replace the current Strategy for School Improvement 2016-2019.

The new School Effectiveness Strategy will underpin the aims in the West Sussex Plan 2017-2022  to meet the County Council's vision of “Improving educational outcomes in West Sussex by championing all our children and young people”.    

Comments are invited on a Draft School Effectiveness Strategy 2018-2022 which is attached below.

Why We Are Consulting

The County Council wants to listen to everyone that is involved in education provision across West Sussex. To create strong partnership working, the views of all stakeholders  are being sought in this consultation on a Draft Strategy.  Schools, educational settings, academy trusts, the Dioceses, other organisations, parent, carers, children and young people are invited to comment.

Your feedback on the Draft School Effectiveness Strategy will ensure that the County Council is taking the right steps to improve educational outcomes in West Sussex.

The questions relate to the sections of the Draft Strategy so it is advised that you read the document first and have a copy nearby to refer to.

If you require this information in an alternative format, then please contact us on 0330 222 7209 or via SchoolConsultations@westsussex.gov.uk.

What Happens Next

The results of the consultation to date will be presented to the Children’s & Young People’s Select Committee in June 2018.

The Draft Strategy will be amended in light of the feedback and the Final Strategy will approved by the Cabinet Member for Education and Skills.

The results and a summary of what happened will be shared on the ‘We asked, you said and we did’ section of the Have Your Say Hub.




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