Future Adult Education in West Sussex

Closed 2 Jun 2016

Opened 12 May 2016

Feedback Updated 22 Aug 2016

We Asked

We asked for views on the current and future provision of Adult & Community Learning in West Sussex, in order to help inform what type of Adult Education service we will provide in the future. We asked for information around the reasons why people undertook Adult Learning, what courses they would be interested in studying, and what they hoped to get out of it. We also asked for personal information around age, gender, religion etc.

You Said

576 responses were received.

The main reasons respondents stated for taking part in Adult Education are to learn something new, meet new people, and improve health & wellbeing.

Types of course that the majority of users would like to see include Arts & Crafts, Languages, and Computers.

The most significant barriers to attending Adult Education courses are courses not available nearby, courses not suiting needs, job commitments, and cost of courses.

45% of respondents are prepared to travel upto 5 miles to attend a course, with a further 38% prepared to travel up to 10 miles. Only 5% of respondents are prepared to travel 16 miles or further.

We Did

The information provided as part of this survey will help inform the future provision of Adult Education.  It will be passed on to Aspire, as the current provider of Adult Education, in order to inform their future curriculum and course planning

Results Updated 26 Aug 2016

Please find attached quantitiatve report for Adult Education Survey - please note, however there was a change to the survey formatting at Q7 which resulted in the first 115 responses for Q7 not being recorded with all the other data collected in response to this question.  Please refer to additional inforamtion sheet below.  Apart from the loss of data at Q7 for the first 115 responses, the summary sheet below represents all the data collected from the respodents taking part.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.


Additional information for Q7 (choice of course/training times)

There was a an error in the survey after a change in the survey design which was corrected shortly after the survey went live.  The survey was changed from asking which was the most favoured time of day for study (with one response allowed) to 'which of the following time sof day would you most like to take part in an adult education learning course', with a 'please tick allthat apply' option.  This change meant that the first 115 responses were not inlcuded in the same analysis of Question 7 with all the other responses in the quantitative anlaysis report provided above.  


Even so, the first 115 responses for all other questions are included in the quantiative analysis report provided abovef.  The responses for Q7 for the first 115 responses are provided below:


As a result of this the first 115 responses are listed bleow



No of respondents

Weekday mornings


Weekday afternoons


Weekday evenings


Weekend mornings


Weekend afternoons


Weekend evenings


Not answered


Total responses





At West Sussex County Council  we offer over a thousand adult education courses across West Sussex each year, supporting individuals and groups to learn, enjoy and achieve their aspirations.  The courses we provide are currently being delivered by Aspire Sussex Limited.







Why We Are Consulting

We are keen to develop our programme of courses and marketing to meet the needs of both new and existing students and would appreciate it if you could spend a few minutes completing our survey to help inform what we do next.

As we are seeking the views of many people, we are not able to reply to individual responses to this consultation.  Please be assured, however, that all feedback we receive will be carefully considered. 

The information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be processed in compliance with the 1998 Data Protection Act.  Your details will not be passed on to any third party, and the information you provide will not be used for any other purpose without your prior permission.

If you need this information in an alternative contact, please email us at danny.pell@westsussex.gov.uk


What Happens Next

We will use your feedback to inform us when we are considering what type of Adult Education we provide in the future.


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