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Curriculum for Life - First Aid - Young people survey
A2300 Corridor Improvements Scheme
Redevelopment of the former Novartis site Horsham
Approved Premises License Application Worthing Town Hall
Increasing space at Manor Green Primary, Crawley
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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

For your feedback on the development of the Crawley Growth Programme’s  Eastern and Station gateway projects. Engagement was undertaken between May and July 2018 to inform the public and key stakeholders of the proposed improvements within these schemes. The events presented the early feasibility designs ahead of moving forward to preliminary design stage, in preparation of tendering for a Design and Build contractor to deliver the two schemes.

We asked for your feedback and an indication of whether there was support for the schemes.

You Said

You said:-

  • There is clear majority support for the proposals.
  • Sustainable transport improvements are key areas of interest and concern.
  • Accessibility and pedestrian friendly features are important
  • Green spaces/greenery should be protected and aspired to within the plans.
  • Crawley bus station needs improvement and better waiting facilities

We Did

The comments and feedback were considered by the design team and the design response is below.  The full report can be viewed via the link provided at the bottom fo the consultation page.

We Asked

For your comments on a four page document that outlined the County Council’s Vision, Principles and Values for Education in West Sussex.

The document proposed aims and objectives for School Organisation and School Improvement which the Education and Skills Directorate will focus on over the next four years. It suggested an approach to build sustainable capacity for school places and incorporated the policy to challenge and support schools to improve by targeting resources, broadening the services that are traded and enabling school-to-school support.

You Said

  • You broadly supported the Vision, Principles and Values.
  • You were concerned about what it might mean for smaller schools in rural parts of West Sussex and wanted more explanation and clarification about what this will mean in practice.
  • You told us how much you value the School Improvement Team, but had concerns about visits reducing or a model that relied on school-to-school support.


We Did

  1. Had additional discussions with School Leaders and Governors on the detail to respond to concerns raised during the consultation period.
  2. Considered all consultation responses and feedback and the final strategy and its implementation will; 
  • Refine our approach to focus on the sustainablity of schools in the rural localities.
  • Increase the minimum number of contacts fro the School Improvment Team to 'good' or 'outstanding' schools.
  • Develop school-to-school suport over time and in partnership. 

We Asked

We asked all the frontagers of Queens Road, Church Avenue, Gordon Road and Bridge Road about proposals to introduce speed cushions in Queens Road, a 20mph speed limit in all the roads and a 7.5 tonne weight restriction (except for access) in Queens Road between Mill Green Road and Bridge Road.

You Said

As a result of distributing around 450 letters and drawings and an online Have Your Say webpage we received 88 replies.

From those:

- Regarding the proposed speed cushions, 69 were in favour and 19 against;

- Regarding the 20mph speed limit, 75 were in favour and 13 were against;

- Regarding the 7.5 tonne weight restriction (except for access), 83 were in favour and 5 were against.

(1 paper was returned blank)


We Did

These responses indicate significant frontager support and as such we are proceeding to Statutory Public Consultation so that we may introduce these measures subject to receiving any further comments or objections from our statutory public consultees or the wider public. The process of Statutory Public Consultation is expected to happen over the next few months and any measures would be introduced in the coming financial year i.e. between April 2019 and March 2020.