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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

We conducted an online resident survey from 3rd December 2018 to 11th January 2019, asking 11 questions to give a flavour of what our residents currently think about EVs and what they would like the charging infrastructure to look like across the county in the future.

You Said

Thank you to all of the people that completed the survey. We received 1339 responses in total.

Some of the highlights are:

  • 60% of you would like to own an electric car
  • 84% of you want to charge at home
  • 60% of you want to charge at destinations
  • Lack of public charging is preventing / discouraging 57% of you switching
  • Cost of EV cars is  preventing / discouraging 55% of you switching
  • 36% of you would be willing to pay more to charge on a public network than at home.

We Did

All the results received are being collated and reviewed, and we will use them to inform the next stage of the strategy development.

We are aiming to have a final strategy drafted for approval by November 2019. An additional public consultation on this strategy will take place before this time.

We Asked

We carried out a bus user survey asking for feedback about how you use our subsidised bus routes across the county.

Most bus services in West Sussex are commercially operated, but some routes receive county council funding to help them run. This was costing £2.57 million a year. In common with other local authorities across the country, we have to make difficult decisions as a result of ever-decreasing funding from central government to help pay for the services we provide.

You Said

There were 4,314 responses to the bus user survey, which helped identify any impact that users could face if the services were changed.

Your feedback helped us to help understand which services were of the greatest benefit to residents, so we could do everything possible to minimise the effect of the changes.

We Did

The council has now reviewed its supported bus services and reduced the total subsidy by £300,000 - to £2.27million. The planned changes are listed below:

In the majority of cases, if a route will no longer include particular roads, an alternative bus will be available for people use fairly nearby.

We will be working with local communities to see what help can be provided for any affected residents who don’t have alternatives before the changes happen.

We would welcome hearing from any organisations who would like to be involved in finding alternative funding sources or providing community transport – please email

The council is now agreeing the exact dates that services will change, however there will be no changes made before April 2019. 

We Asked

Following the first round of consultation, we reviewed feedback and carried out additional work to improve and refine the proposed masterplan.

The second round of consultation sought feedback on the changes made and further comments and suggestions regarding the wider proposals for the Horsham Enterprise Park.

You Said

  • Most participants were happy with the overall vision for a mixed-use site.
  • The retention of Building No.3 and the avenue of cedar trees were broadly welcomed.
  • Attendees of the drop-in consultation event were pleased to see further detail on proposals for traffic improvements.
  • Many suggested further consideration needed to be given to wider traffic impacts.
  • There was a broad desire to see a generous proportion of affordable homes provided on the site.
  • Many participants expressed a desire to see a footbridge across the railway line to improve connections from the site to Horsham Town Centre.

We Did

Masterplan Element - Employment Space


There was a strong desire from participants for the site to be a space for businesses to scale up and grow.

WSCC Response

The project team has taken this on board and will ensure the site is promoted to attract innovative and modern businesses.

Masterplan Element - New Homes


There was a desire to see a generous proportion of affordable homes and homes for older people included on the site, and a feeling that 300 homes are too many for the site.

WSCC Response

WSCC are committed to ensuring a policy compliant proportion of 35% affordable homes are included within the residential development.

WSCC acknowledges the importance of providing purpose-built homes for older people, and this will be considered as part of future detailed planning application for the site.

The figure of up to 300 homes for the site is an outline figure, which could potentially be lower at detailed stage. WSCC will continue to take this into consideration.

Masterplan Element - Community Hub


Participants were keen for the community hub to be open and usable by the existing community as well as future residents and businesses.

WSCC Response

The project team have explored possibilities for additional uses on the site. This includes the possibility to provide space for a crèche or nursery to provide on-site child care.

Masterplan Element - Traffic and Transport


Concerns were expressed by many participants that surrounding traffic infrastructure would struggle to cope with the increased pressure from the development.

WSCC Response

The project team have carried out further work as part of a Transport Assessment, which considers the following:

  • Mitigation and contributions have been identified for two junctions in close proximity to the site.
  • A new shared use pedestrian/cycle path will be provided on Parsonage Road and continuous footways across the two site accesses to support sustainable journeys to and from the site. Moreover, movements by pedestrians and cyclists will be prioritised within the site.
  • Parking provision aiming to meet the relevant levels set out in WSCC’s Parking Supplementary Planning Document or future iterations of the Transport Assessment.
  • A mitigation approach, agreed by the Highway Authority, which includes junction improvements to be funded through the Community Infrastructure Levy, and cycling improvements.
  • Construction Traffic Management Plans, to be submitted at relevant detailed planning stages. At this stage, it is suggested that construction traffic should avoid routing via Wimblehurst Road.
  • Road safety audits of the two site accesses are proposed to be undertaken and secured by planning conditions.

Masterplan Element - Landscape and Open Space


The importance of the tree-lined avenue leading up to the retained Building No.3 was often raised in feedback.

WSCC Response

The latest masterplan proposes the addition of new trees to complete the missing section of this avenue. A further tree-lined avenue is proposed to the rear of the building in the employment area.

Key buildings have been relocated on the masterplan to enclose views and ensure a greater buffer between the site and Parsonage Road.