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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

We asked you if you are likely to use the new facility when it is ready, and if you had any comments you wish to make about the proposals?

You Said

Fifty-five of you who provided feedback to us, and this is very much appreciated. Of the 55 responses:

  • 69% of you stated that you are either very likely/likely to use the new facility
  • 20% of you said you are either unlikely/very unlikely to use it
  • 11% of you said neither

Many of you provided helpful comments toward the proposals. Some others expressed concerns. The range of topics covered can be summarised as follows:

  • Improvements to Comet Corner, Oystercatcher or Church Lane roundabouts are more urgent
  • Should allow for equestrian use
  • Priority for and safety of cyclists across side road accesses and junctions
  • Connection with existing facilities

We Did

We have reviewed your comments with our design consultants, and changes have been made to the proposals where possible. We will increase the width of the existing traffic island on the A259 at Comet Corner to allow pedestrians and cyclists to safely cross the road there. We will make sure the signing at either end of the proposed facility is clear to help cyclists to find their way around. We are also exploring alternative options to cross the A259 further east of the roundabout at Church Lane and Crookthorn Lane.

There is a separate improvement scheme at Comet Corner currently being prepared and will be implemented shortly.

We Asked

we asked you to look at a number of options for schemes, some of these options had repeated themes and we then asked you rank them in order of preference.

We also asked you to comment on some common themes that could be present at each location.

You Said

Felpham Village Centre – consultation results    

Thank you for responding to the Village Centre Consultation.  There were 158 responses

Vicarage lane Junction:

Using a statistical model to evaluate your ranking responses option two came out ahead followed by option three a close second: 

The prevalent features of these two options were to retain the wider road junction and retain a pedestrian island, to retain a wider crossing point outside the Beauty shop and to have a wide carriageway surface marking.

Limmer Lane Junction:

Using the same statistical model as before option one came out ahead closely followed by option two. These two options include retaining as much parking as possible and to establish a safe crossing point.

Surface colour:

Of those that responded to this question 50% were in favour of a red colour, 24% preferred buff and 26% preferred to leave the surface black.

20mph Limit

71% of respondents supported the village wide limit and 29% did not.

Additional Features

Flower planters were the most desired extra feature with 87 positive responses.



Flower planters


cycle stands


Decorative seating


wooden bollards




Your Comments

There were 41 mentions of limmer Lane many of which were concerned with excessive speed in this road as well as inconsiderate parking

There were 27 mentions regarding road crossing and zebra crossings



We Did

Felpham Village Centre – Consultation We Did   

Thank you for responding to the Village Centre Consultation.  There were 158 responses

Vicarage lane:

Having viewed your most favoured choices I have briefed our designer to go away and design the next stage of the proposal keeping your views firmly in mind.  We will look to retain the pedestrian crossing island on the junction and will take a serious look at the possibility of a zebra crossing.

Limmer Lane:

We feel you are most concerned with having sufficient parking bays but closely concerned with having a safe crossing point.  I will try and progress both of these options into the next stage of the design.

We Asked

The consultation

This is intended as a follow up to my last communication to indicate how we intend to act following your comments and opinions to move forward with the scheme.

You Said

A majority of responses thought we had the right amount of features, however, a large minority felt that there were too many.  Features 3 and 8 were the least popular.  Some of these comments thought that the features were too intrusive, would impede buses and were not suited to the road. We have heard these views and will look to reduce the number of features slightly and to limit their impact on the ordinary road user whilst still reducing the speed of the faster motorists.

Other Roads, including Wroxham Way and Outerwyke Road were of concern to many people who responded.  The concerns raised were sensible and therefore we will look to ensure that the final scheme reflects these concerns and whether we can do something about the speeds here.  We shall undertake a speed measurement in Wroxham Way in particular to understand what the current situation is so look out for my little box on the roadside.

We Did

We will now prepare another more detailed design taking into account what we have heard.  When this is ready I will send out a card and invite you to take a look online at the proposals and invite your comments and opinion before I move to a final construction proposal.

Again my thanks to you for taking part in the survey.