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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

We asked you to comment on the the build out and priority give way system proposed for West Street.

You Said

Thank you very much for completing the online consultation and for those of you who attended the little event in the library.  75% of those that responded supported the proposal and all of those identified as living in West Street itself. 

Many of you suggested in the comment section and at the event that the 20mph limit should be extended west into West Street and I have discussed this request with the Highway Manager.  Currently traffic speeds are too high for the implementation of a 20mph, this might sound strange but national guidance and the police are of the view that 20mph limits should be self-enforcing in that they should be introduced where the average car driver is not travelling too quickly.  However, once the works are complete I will have a further speed study carried out and will ensure that the results are passed along to your town council and the highway manager.  There is also a view that it would not make sense to treat only West Street but that any scheme of this kind should encompass adjoining roads as well. 

Some people also suggested that additional features such as humps and tables should be installed; we will keep these ideas in mind going forward but will see what can be achieved just with the proposed priority one way.  As I mentioned before we will do a speed evaluation in the months after the scheme has been installed.

A small number of respondents were concerned about parking and waste collections.  This proposal should not materially affect either of these provisions, there is no plan to change the parking restriction here although a space or so might be lost due to the build out section.

We Did

What we will do

I will now move the works into the build phase and have the job placed in this year’s build programme.  Due to other commitments this is likely to be toward the end of this year or into early 2018.  I will keep you informed of the likely start date nearer the time.  I will retain your email addresses for this purpose only but if you wish to be removed from the list please contact me directly.

We Asked

Do you attend the dentist regularly (within the last 6 to 12 months)?

Do your children attend the dentist regularly (within the last 6 to 12 months)?

You Said

302 adults with children aged 5 years old and under living in Crawley responded.

243 adults responded yes, they attend the dentist regularly

168 adults with children aged 5 years old and under said their child/ children attend the dentist regularly


We Did

Updated our records.

Made Oral Health a health priority for Crawley (Health for Families Programme), liaising with local Crawley dentists on how to make the service more accessible to families

Ensure that Oral Health is discussed at Discover Baby sessions


We Asked

The County Council has a statutory duty to commission sufficient school places for children and young people across the County.  Having identified areas of growth in the number of Primary and Secondary School Places, we asked you to provide feedback on proposals for expansion at 10 Primary and Secondary schools in West Sussex from 2017.

You Said

195 of you took part in the consultation and fed back your views on the various proposals for school expansion via the online survey, by letter or by email. Letters were also received from the Heads and Chairmen of the Governing Bodies from all the schools.

We Did

West Sussex County Council met on 14th March and approved expansion proposals for 9 Primary and Secondary Schools in the County.   Expansion at Blackwell Primary School was not supported given the numbers of children for entry in 2017 is lower than anticipated and the expansion was opposed by the wider community.  Please click here to view the Cabinet Member Report.  The Council has now written to the Heads and Chairs of Governing Bodies to confirm the decisions made.