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We Asked

We asked local dairy farmers if they would be interested in progressing an idea to install a milk vending machine at our Chichester site and if so, what might be required to make this happen.


You Said

Local farmers got in touch, expressing interest in the opportunity and letting us know some of the things we needed to think about. For example, their preference / requirements for

  • a site with level access
  • a site that enabled public access, not just staff access.
  • a full vending machine solution, with contactless payment.

We Did

We are offering to meet all the respondents on site to try and identify a viable location that would work with both our operations and theirs, and to understand if any enabling works, such as new power sockets, might be required.

Once we understand if the idea is practically deliverable, we will assess all the information to decide how best to proceed.

We Asked

We asked you for your ideas and feedback to help us plan an online half term activity week.



You Said

Most popular themes

1 Harry Potter

2 Minecraft , super heroes

3  Pokemon

Most popular activities

1 Crafts

2 Film watch parties

3 Online disco, quiz

We Did

Geek Week is happening 26th to 29th May 2020. You can join us 'live' during the week or watch recorded activities whenever you like.

You said your favourite theme was Harry Potter, so we will be adding some wizarding themed videos through out the week!

You said crafts were your favourite activity, so we have put together some craft videos for you to try at home.

We Asked

The new SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilty) and Inclusion Strategy 2019-2024 supports the additional places for SEND school places. This consultation proposed the addition of four new Specialist Support Centres (SSC's) and the re-designation of an existing SSC creating an additional 58 spaces. The SSC's will cater for pupils with 'social communication needs'.

You Said

A total of 169 responses. Overall  a minimum of 80% supported proposals and agreeing that the schools were centred on the needs of children (above 68% across the five schools). Other comments reflected that appropiate finances would need to be afforded to each school and that there were a lack of SEND places in some localities, Horsham being highlighted.

We Did

Consultation reponses have been shared with schools. Individual school governing bodies will now take decisions whether to proceed with an SSC. Feasability studies are being carried out at the respective schools. Seperate consultations are also being conducted at the following Academy schools; Edward Bryant - Bognor Regis (12 additional places),  Worthing High (re-deignation to Social Communication Needs and 4 additional places), Warden Park - Cuckfield (re-deignation to Social Communication Needs and 8 additional places).